Nate Angus-Jackman PRC Report (Nov. 2015)

Report of the Young Workers Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2015 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Nate Angus-Jackman
Young Workers Rep
Prairie Region Council November 2015

After successfully amending the age definition for young workers at the PSAC’s National Convention earlier this year from 30 years of age to 35, the job of building a once non-existent communications network has become less difficult. We have been able to identify workers who fall within these new age parameters and include them on our distribution list and communications tree. This has resulted in the continued growth of the network, which was one of the main objectives for the year.

Given the importance of the recent federal election, and the implications that its results had for the labour movement here in Canada, an important emphasis was placed on motivation young workers in the region to have important political discussions and most importantly to get out and vote. While the evidence is anecdotal, my sense is that we were very successful in not only helping to motivate young workers to vote, but additionally to get them to help others become mobilized and involved politically

As a member of the National Young Workers Working Group I have continued to communicate with and develop ideas/strategies with my counterparts across the country. The rollout of our national survey at Convention this year, and the subsequent participation of membership has been something very positive. We are now in a position to begin analyzing the information gleaned from the survey and plan to incorporate the results in the development of subsequent initiatives and communication strategies.

Finally, my objective for the coming months will be the establishment of two Young Workers Committees here in the region. I have been able to identify members here in Winnipeg who are willing to sit on the committee and participate in its activities, and additionally I am working actively to identify another city where this well be feasible. This objective, along with facilitating the continued growth of the communications network will be my main goals in the upcoming months.

Respectfully submitted,

Nate Angus-Jackman