Nancy Johnson PRC Report (Mar. 2012)


Report of the RWC Representative to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the March 16-17, 2012 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Nancy Johnson, RWC Representative
Report to the Prairie Region Council
March 2012

Attended the Leadership forum in Saskatoon

Participated in the SFL Labour Issues Campaign one-day training in Saskatoon.

Participated by teleconference with the Edmonton RWC and looking forward to their AGM’s and working along with the committees.   I have one committee (Calgary RWC) to make contact with, plans are under way.  Our intent is to participate in a conference call mid-April.  I’d like to thank all the RWC chairs for making me feel welcome at their meetings. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Worked with the Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition and chaired the December 6th event Memorial.  It was a beautiful evening and many PSAC Sisters participated by lighting candles.  We managed to get media coverage and front page of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.   Thanks to Elena, Angie, Denni, Louise and Heather for your helping hands. There were events held in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton.   

Participated on two teleconference calls hosted by Sisters Robyn Benson and Patty Ducharme along with Andree Cote, PSAC Women’s Program Officer and the Regional Women’s Rep’s from each region.  The calls were to discuss our plans for December 6th and March 8th.  There were many creative activities planned.  In Saskatoon, the plans are underway for a co-sponsored event with various community organizations.

Union Women at Work course will be delivered in Edmonton from March 7-11th, there will be 18 participants selected to attend.   It has been many years since this workshop had been offered in the Prairies and Judy Shannon, Education Officer has informed me that it will be a great workshop for our Sisters.

Looking forward to working with Brothers Bruce Campbell, Alec Goertzen and Clint Wirth on the Health & Safety Committee, for those who do not know, I spent 13 years working at the WCB in Ontario and spent 10 years on the Health and Safety committee, so I am glad to share my knowledge and experiences.  We will be organizing the Prairies Health and Safety conference in the fall, so stay tuned.

2012 promises to be a very busy year, CLC/SFL Spring School, PSAC Convention, CLC Labour College and Prairies School for Union Women.  Our Sisters are active!

Respectfully submitted,

Sister Nancy Johnson