Nancy Johnson PRC Report (Jan. 2014)

Report of the RWC Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the January 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Nancy Johnson
Prairie Region Council January 2014

After months of planning and participating on the Steering and Resolutions committee, the National Human Rights conference was held in Toronto from November 18-22.  It was the first time all equity conferences were held at the same time.  The workshops were well attended and we received a lot of positive feedback from our members. Logistically there were some issues but the PSAC staff did a great job to remedy them right away. We also elected two women delegates and two alternates to represent women at the PSAC triennial convention in 2015.  I made “herstory” when I was elected as the 1st Women’s delegate.  I want to thank my nominators and the 15 other candidates that put heir names forward and provided insights into their world of activism.  It was an incredibly empowering moment.  The speakers were great but the closing speaker Mary Walsh’s satirical humour was a perfect ending for the event.

It was an honour to work with the Women’s representatives from the other regions and network with the sisters and brothers. I am very proud of the work of the Prairies RWC’s.

Held conference calls with National Women’s Rep, Andree Cote and REVP, Jeannie Baldwin and the other regional women’s reps with respect to International Women’s Day, updates to follow on website shortly.

Attended monthly PRC conference call meetings
Attended Fed VP’s conference call
Participated in the PRC structural review committee
Reviewed the one-day Health and Safety workshop
Attended the C-4 political action/lobby training in Saskatoon
Participated in Edmonton RWC meetings via teleconference
Promoted the Calgary RWC to members so that it can be reinstated- meeting planned for January 21st
Attended Saskatoon RWC meetings
Chaired the Open House on December 5th. It was a very special evening as the RWC and Area Council chose to name the Regional office boardroom in his honour.  A plaque hangs on the door as you enter and a picture plaque is on the wall.  Photos and a short write up will be provided to the communications officer to be posted on the website.
Attended  the Convention Host Committee meeting that I am co-chairing with Alex George

Work of the RWC’s:

Regina women’s committee’s one-day workshop in Moose Jaw in October was cancelled due to low enrollment, but plan on doing an event with Saskatoon RWC to increase member participation.

Winnipeg committee continues to be involved in activities throughout their community and plans under way for their seasonal social.

Members attended Sisters in Spirit vigils in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina.

Saskatoon members participated in Operation Christmas child (shoebox gifts), December 6th memorial events and our planning to work with women’s community group to approach the city of Saskatoon regarding a permanent monument to commemorate the 25th anniversary of December 6th in 2014.

I had the opportunity to meet with Edmonton area sisters at the women’s conference and they shared their commitment to keep the committee active. I will continue to be a presence at their committee meetings so that they meet the active committee requirements.  They are extremely passionate about giving back to their communities and having their voices heard.  Thecommittee did an excellent distribution of candles at Canada Place for the December 6th memorial.

Lethbridge, Regina and Saskatoon RWC member’s voices were heard loud and clear during the Resolutions debate at the National women’s conference. Prairies women rock!

All committees will be electing their representatives to the prairies convention, preparing budgets and financial statements.

Thank you sisters for the work that you do on behalf of our union sisters.

I also created a year at a glance calendar that I shared with the committees that included important deadlines from registration to financial reporting, etc. 

I look forward to the next 6 months leading up to convention.

In solidarity,

Sister Nancy Johnson