Mission Statement of the National Board of Directors

The attached Mission Statement was drafted by the PSAC National Board of Directors following its retreat in October, 2012. It has been endorsed and duly signed by all members of the Board.


The National Board of Directors stands united in its determination to return to our members a sense of pride in their union, a belief in the principles of trade unionism, and a confidence in their elected leaders.

In all that we do, we shall be guided by the need to champion issues which are relevant to our members and speak to their experiences in the current economic and political climate.

We will not allow the safety of our food, transportation, borders and environment to be eroded by the cutting of public services.  We will not allow our communities to be decimated by the loss of good jobs. We will not allow the rights of our equity seeking groups to be pushed aside. We will not allow government to rule unchallenged.

We will continue to work with our allies and speak with one voice because we are all affected.  We will be present in the workplace.  We will be vocal in the media. We will engage with our members, face to face, and listen to their concerns.

Above all, we will take action. We will act to protect our union. We will act to protect our right to represent our members, to bargain collectively and to withdraw our labour. 

In refusing to be silenced, we will be heard.  In going back to our principles we will move forward.  In reclaiming our history we will secure our future.