Minutes from the August 12, 2013 Prince Albert Area Council Meeting

Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2013

In attendance: Paul Daigneault, Dallas Auger, Tim Hogan, Denni Nelson, Trudy Lerat

Old Business:

Aboriginal BBQ was held July 13th and was a success.  Response from the Guiness world book of records was that the round dance was classified as people dancing in a continuous circle which is held in London with over 5,000 dancing the hooky pooky  

New business:

Discussion was held in regard to our role in the Labour Day BBQ and what it was that this council would be doing.  It was decided that we would make a $200 contribution.

Education: upcoming courses were discussed.   

Discussion took place in regard to how we could increase participation from other locals in this council.  It was decided that phone calls a e-mails would be sent out to all locals in an attempt to generate interest in the upcoming AGM.

Next meeting scheduled for September 5th.

Adjourn 5:45 pm