Michelle Lang Report February 2018

Well things are changing but I am not holding my breath!!  Scott Moe has been elected by the SASKPARTY to be our new Premier.  Same party same mandate is what I am thinking.  But we will hold them accountable as always!!  We also got new Rally signs to make up!!  NO MONEY MOE PROBLEM!!

DCL 40005 is in bargaining at this time.  They have been without a contract since December 31, 2016.  Somethings have been agreed upon and others are still on the table.  When we hit Monetary it is going to be rough.  Elections for the President, Senior Vice President and VP of Guest Services are all coming up with in the next month.

Brandon University is holding a ratification vote in early February.  Back in December Racist Posters appeared over the campus.  The local addressed the issue of racism and that they and PSAC as a whole are against it.  Sad that this is still around in this day.  We had similar posters put up at University of Regina. 

Michelle Lang

PSAC Local 40005