Michelle Lang PRC Report (Nov. 2016)

Report of the Directly Chartered Locals Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2016 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Michelle Lang
Prairie Region Council November 2016

Since the last PRC Meeting things have slowed down, well other then local issues.  I want to thank Marianne on listening to the issues I presented in my last report about lack of communication about arbitration dates not getting forwarded to my local.  I can say for my local this issue was fixed and it was fixed promptly.

I know the DCL at University of Saskatchewan had a welcome back to school for their members.  From what I read it was a success.

I am currently brainstorming on ideas for my local around privatization whether it be a rally in conjunction with Sasktel or just leaflets about the Casino and the benefits to keep it a crown, as we know Brad Wall basically said people just have to put a price on SaskTel for it to be sold.  This is and I think will always be in the backs of our minds.  I know what the members feel like at SaskTel with the threat of being sold and the rumours will never go away.

I have taken part in the Pride Parade, attended the Sisters in Spirit Vigil, Walk in Remembrance of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.  I have attended the Area Council Meetings, Human Rights Committee Meetings and The Women’s Committee Meetings.