MFL 2014 Health & Safety Conference

The Manitoba Federation of Labour will hold its annual Health & Safety Conference November 17-18, 2014 at Canada Inns Polo Park under the theme “Health and Safety through the Eyes of the Union”.

Workers and their unions bring a unique perspective to workplace health and safety. This year’s conference will highlight how the workers’ approach to health and safety differs from employer and other approaches, and will examine the importance of unions in asserting health and safety rights.

Clint Wirth, PSAC Regional Representative – Health & Safety, will facilitate the new course “Health and Safety in Federally Regulated Workplaces”, where participants will learn about federal rules on health and safety.

“Since this is the first time the MFL is offering this course, I think its an important step for PSAC members to support the course and show there are federally regulated members who want to be more knowledgeable and involved,” explains Wirth. “It is also a great way to network and learn from different workplaces and unions, and see how many of the issues are being faced by different groups, not just the PSAC.”

This conference is open to affiliated locals, which includes all PSAC locals. On the registration form, it makes note that provincial legislation mandates two days paid training for health and safety committee members. For federally regulated members, the Canada Labour Code Part II (125.[1][q] & z.01) states that training should be provided and paid for, but the wording is not as direct or clear. In other words, all interested PSAC members who are on a workplace health and safety committee should approach their manager to request that the costs of attending this conference be paid for by the employer.

Registration deadline is November 3, 2014. For conference information, agenda, workshop listing and registration form, please see the attached conference brochure.