Messages from the striking workers at Salvation Army’s Booth Centre

On January 6, 2012, workers at the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre shelter in Ottawa walked off the job to protest poverty wages

Please watch and share this video with messages from the PSAC members on strike.

Despite saying that it aims to fight poverty, the Salvation Army in Canada pays many of its workers less than the living wage. In the case of Ottawa, the living wage has been set by ACORN Canada at $13.50 per hour.

However, kitchen assistants and cleaners at the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre earn a top wage of $11.31/h, while maintenance workers earn a top wage of $12.63/h. Moreover, workers at a neighbouring shelter, the Shepherds of Good Hope, earn between $2 and $5 more per hour for the same work with the same clientele.

The striking workers need donations to their hardship fund and would appreciate messages of support and solidarity. Please support by sending donations or solidarity messages to:

Hardship Fund Local 73100
PSAC Ottawa Regional Office
15 Holland Avenue, Main Floor
Ottawa ON K1Y 4T2