Message of Solidarity for UofM Professors on Strike

In a letter of support and solidarity to UMFA President Mark Hudson, Marianne Hladun assured UMFA members that we stand together with them in their fight for fairness.

Professors at the University of Manitoba are entering their third week of strike action. Hladun and PSAC members have been proud to walk the picket line with members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association.

Both sides have returned to the bargaining table, and we hope for a fair and equitable solution for all.

The full message is included below. We encourage you to send your own messages of support to

Dear Brother Hudson,

On behalf of Public Service Alliance of Canada members in the Prairies including academic workers at the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University and the University of Saskatchewan, we extend a message of solidarity to your members as they exercise their legal right to strike to attain a collective agreement.

We stand with you as your members demand respect for the work they do. It was an honor to spend some time and walk the picket line with your members and if we can assist in any way, you can be sure we’ll be there.


Marianne Hladun
Regional Executive Vice-President,
Prairies Public Service Alliance of Canada