Meet Jen Botincan

Jen Botincan was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is an avid traveller with a keen interest in different cultures. She feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this cultural exchange with the PSAC Social Justice Fund and Education in Action.

Her passion for social justice initiatives and informing young people how they can get involved has led her to volunteer as the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Young Workers’ Representative for the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE), as a member of the Defence Youth Network, and former Young Workers’ Representative and Correspondence Secretary for UNDE Local 50705.

Jen currently works with the Department of National Defence in financial administration and has over six years of experience in administration and communications. In 2008 she received her Bachelor of Arts in sociology and management from the University of Manitoba, and is working toward a Public Relations Diploma from the University of Winnipeg. She is a student member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and sits on the executive of the Manitoba Federal Communications Council.

Do you have questions about her experience? Email Jen.