Media Release: Stop the tricks, treat us with respect

On October 31st, PSAC members in the Prairies will be taking action in their workplaces to support our bargaining team members and keep up the pressure to ensure the Liberals drop the Conservative agenda and return to the table with proposals that are in line with our bargaining priorities.

Members will also be calling on this government to fix the Phoenix pay system.  1,000’s of federal public service workers are still not receiving their salary and many more have not been paid allowances and overtime as per our collective agreements.  Despite assurances that the backlog would be cleared by Oct. 31st, this now not the case and our members continue to be “haunted by Phoenix”.

PSAC is calling on this government to “Make Good on Your Word” by coming to the bargaining table this week with a Liberal mandate and not the same Conservative mandate tabled before the 2015 federal election.

“Our bargaining teams are heading back to the table this week because the Liberal government says they have a revised mandate,” says Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice-President for the Prairies.  “As long as there are outstanding Phoenix cases and no change from the Conservative agenda at the bargaining table, we will continue to pressure this government to stand behind their word”