Marianne Hladun PRC Report (Nov. 2011)

Report of the Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President, Prairies to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2011 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Marianne Hladun, A/REVP
Report to the Prairie Region Council 
November 2011

Activities have been non-stop since convention, and my regrets for not attending the August 2011 PRC meeting.  It was my extreme honor this year to be chosen to attend the Canadian Labour Congress Labour College of Canada and the second term of classes was the last two weeks of August.

Following convention and up to November 7, 2011, much of my time has been spent on the SFL Labour Issues Campaign.  As the Co-Chair of the SFL Political Strategy Committee, we were responsible for coordinating this campaign on behalf of all affiliates.  All three PSAC Area Councils had received information and/or presentations on the campaign and in the weeks leading up to the provincial election, all area councils used the last information booklet for a membership mailout.  Unfortunately, the election results were not positive in any way and as activists in Sask., we will need all hands on deck to challenge the Sask. Party government.

As a member of the CFIA bargaining team, in July we met as a team to finalize our demands package.  Sister Robyn Benson has once again been assigned as the AEC Officer responsible for our bargaining unit and we’re ready to get to the table.

In August, following my 4th humanitarian mission to Ukraine, I attended the Agriculture Union Triennial Convention and was elected as the RVP for North Sask. as well as a delegate to the PSAC Triennial Convention in 2012.  Immediately following convention, I headed to Port Elgin, ON for the final session of Labour College.  The course is titled “intensive” for a reason.  4 weeks of classroom training as well as an intersession project to be completed between the in-residence sessions.  Most free time is spent reading academic articles and writing papers on the industrial revolution or the history of capitalist but there is also time to bond with the other students and faculty.  I have truly gained valuable information and knowledge but more importantly, I have made a connection with activists from many unions and every province that will last a lifetime.  Labour College isn’t for everyone but if you are prepared to put the work into it, the gains will outweigh the struggles.

In September, I attended the Saskatoon & District Labour Council Labour Day BBQ.  PSAC members were handing out balloons and frisbees and joined over 1,500 people in the community for a free BBQ in Saskatoon’s inner-city.  I also attended the “Take Back The Night” march and joined the protest/march that kicked off  the Occupy Saskatoon movement.  I tried to stop by the site at least once a week and think that we a labour movement have a lot to learn from community activists.  What a dedicated and diverse group. 

The SFL Convention was held in Saskatoon Oct. 19-21st.   PSAC delegates joined SGEU at an information picket line at the SIAST campus and the next day, flyered cars & pedestrians with the latest labour issues campaign material.  I have attended the Saskatoon Area Council meetings when available and assisted with the membership mailout for the provincial election.  Aside from PRC, I did volunteer in my constituency to do flyer drops throughout the campaign. 

In October, I attended the Leadership Forum in Saskatoon.  It was a great opportunity to meet with local officers and gave me an opportunity to discuss the provincial election and the SFL Labour Issues Campaign.

I look forward to getting to know all the new and returning PRC members and while we may go through some difficult times after the federal budget is announced, our goals should remain the same.  Protect the rights of our members and work to strengthen our communities.