The Manitoba region includes members in Winnipeg, Brandon and surrounding areas who serviced out of the Winnipeg Regional Office, responsible for more than 8,000 members across Manitoba.


Committees and Area Councils

Winnipeg Area Council
Winnipeg Area Council AGM
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Westman Area Council

Westman Area Council AGM
Westman Area Council Events
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Winnipeg Women’s Committee

Winnipeg Women’s Committee AGM
Winnipeg Women’s Committee Events
Winnipeg Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes
Winnipeg Women’s Committee Meeting Notices

Westman Women’s Committee
Westman Women’s Committee AGM
Westman Women’s Committee Events
Westman Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes
Westman Women’s Committee Meeting Notices

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee AGM
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Winnipeg Young Workers’ Committee

Winnipeg Young Workers’ Committee AGM
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Winnipeg Young Workers’ Committee Meeting Minutes
Winnipeg Young Workers’ Committee Meeting Notices