Mackenzie Campbell Report February 2018

Since becoming the Young Workers Representative for the Prairies in October 2017 I’ve obtained support from CEIU, CIU, Deer Lodge Centre, and UNE to create Young Workers Committees in Edmonton AB and Winnipeg MB. As of December 11 2017 the AEC has approved the creation of the committees. Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan will be included in the Edmonton committee and Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba will be included in the Winnipeg committee. The first committee  meetings will take place on January 16 2018 (Edmonton) and January 18 2018 (Winnipeg).

I have actively been networking with young workers in the region. Communication has been through the Young Workers Representative Facebook page (@PSACPrairiesYWRep), emails through the ROs and Local Presidents, and whenever possible, face-to-face.

Additionally a Young Workers Conference has been scheduled for April 13 – 15 2018. A steering committee was struck consisting of members from Alberta (Neha Channan), Saskatchewan (Megan Pryor, and Second Alternate Young Workers Representative Glen Hollyoake), PSAC staff Nina Babcock and Karoline Klug, and of course myself. The conference will be held at Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton AB. The theme of the conference is the relevance of unions to young workers.

November 29 and 30 2017 I participated in the MP lobby in Ottawa. The purpose of the lobby meetings was to bring attention to the hardships our members are facing as a result of Phoenix.

To build my union knowledge and union network I attended  PSAC National Leadership Training in Ottawa. Here I met with the other Young Workers Representatives from across the nation to discuss what challenges we were facing and how we could best share ideas and knowledge.

Should you have any questions about my report, please contact me directly.



October 20 2017 and ongoing – Building Young Workers network within Prairies and reaching out to other Young Workers Representatives across the nation

November 1 2017 – Organized Phoenix Pay Day Rally at 111 Lombard Ave in Winnipeg MB

November 29 & 30 2017 – Participated in MP Lobby regarding Phoenix in Ottawa ON

November 30 – December 3 2017 – Attended PSAC National Leadership Training

December 2 2017 – Signed the Child Care For All petition

December 15 2017  –  Chaired Young Workers Conference Steering Committee first meeting

December 21 2017 – Chaired Young Workers Conference Steering Committee


Upcoming Activities:

January 10 2018 –  Next Young Workers Conference Steering Committee

January 16 2018 – Young Workers Committee Meeting for Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan

January 18 2018 – Young Workers Committee Meeting for Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba



In Solidarity,

Mackenzie Campbell