Mackenzie Campbell Bio

A life long social activist, Mackenzie first became involved with the union when she joined the PSAC’s Social Justice Fund’s Education in Action delegation to Guatemala in March 2017. It was there that she connected with PSAC members from across Canada and learned first hand how Canadian workers can and should stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the workforce around the globe. 

In April 2017, Mackenzie was elected as the President for CEIU Local 50770 in Winnipeg and attended her first union convention (PSAC Prairie Region Triennial). It was at convention that she was elected as First Alternate Young Workers Representative for the region. 

Since then, Mackenzie was elected as the Young Workers Chairperson and sits on the Bylaws Committee for the CEIU Manitoba Saskatchewan Region. 

She has also become involved in the Winnipeg Human Rights Committee. 

Through her recent involvement with the union Mackenzie has had the opportunity to further develop leadership skills, attend union courses (Talking Union Basics, Facing Management, and Grievance Handling) and network with union activists across Canada through convention and presenting at the National Board of Directors meeting in June 2017. 

As a young worker, Mackenzie was a term for five years during the Harper administration’s cuts to the public service. Now indeterminate, she is currently acting as a Senior Program Development Officer with Aboriginal Skills, Employment and Training Strategy until March 2017. Substantively she works as an Integrity Services Investigator with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and has been in that role for two and a half years. 

Mackenzie looks forward to serving the young workers in the Prairies region. 

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