Lindsey Sparks “DJ Zee” Union Playlist

During the 8th Triennial Prairie Region Convention, Brother Lindsey Sparks put together a playlist of union movement music that was played during the breaks. It was such a hit, numerous delegates asked for the list. So here it is!

Anne Feeney – Union Maid

Joe Glazer – We Shall Not Be Moved

Joe Glazer – There Is Power In The Union

Arthur Johnson – It’s My Union

Pete Seeger – Solidarity Forever

Pete Seeger – Roll The Union On

Australian Union Song – We Belong To The Union

George Mann – The Union Made Me Strong

Anne Feeney – Bread and Roses

Joe Glazer – Talking Union

Joe Glazer – We Will Sing One Song

The Simpsons Union Episode – Union Strike Song

Roy Bailey – U In Union

Phil Ochs – Automation Song

John Lennon – Working Class Hero

Pete Seeger – You Gotta Go Down (And Join The Union)

Pete Seeger – (I’m) Voting Union

John Rose – 1919 Winnipeg Strike

Billy Bragg – Never Cross a Picket Line

The Interrupters – Take Back The Power

Tom Morello – Union Town

Tom Morello – Union Song

The Last Internationale – Workers Of The World Unite

Bruce Springsteen – Factory

Joe Glazer – Union Card

Joe Glazer – I’m Union and Damn Proud of It

The Strawbs – Part of The Union

CLC – One Minute Solidarity Video Winner

Rabble Rousers – I Say Union!

Rabble Rousers – Out On Strike