Lethbridge Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes(May 2014)

Public Service Alliance of Canada Lethbridge Women’s Committee
Annual General Meeting
May 26th, 2014 Osho’s Restaurant (Lethbridge)
In attendance:
Dolly Ablitt
Diane White
Maria Fitzpatrick
Stephanie Erb
Sherry Hunt
Krysty Munns
Lyn Paterson
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 5:45pm by M. Ftizpatrick (Chair)
2. Approval of the Agenda:
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   
Approved via email in April
4. New Business arising from the minutes
* National Day of Mourning  – 40 people in attendance 
* Aboriginal Day – Still haven’t heard anything regarding their plans. Ray Wilson will be our contact.
* July 1 event – Still haven’t heard anything from Alberta Ethnic Association – the event may be cancelled.
* Labour Day – Aug 30th (Saturday) Noon-2pm. Food will be provided. Galt Garden. Looking for talent – Looking for musical abilities. Lethbridge RWC will help with the children’s games.
* NDP fundraiser has been postponed – may do an event during Whoop up days. 
* Town Hall Meeting RE: Sick leave – technical problems – 1700 people on the phone. Will run another town hall in the near future.
5. Chairsperson Report
* M. Fitzpatrick will submit a written report.
* We planned some activities and completed several of our planned goals. 
* We have a great lineup of activities this year.
* D. Ablitt – a the PRC meeting money allocation was discussed – they didn’t reach quorum. Need to contact Allison the chair of the PRC for an update. 
6. Treasurer’s Report
See attached report. 
Nancy Johnson carried out the audit – Audit should be completed by PRC Women’s Rep.
M/S/C – Paterson/Hunt/Carried
7. Election of Officers
M/S – S. Erb/S.Hunt nominate M. Fitzpatrick – Acclaimed
M/S – M. Fitzpatick/S. Erb nominate D. White – Acclaimed
M/S – S. Hunt/D. White nominate L. Paterson – Acclaimed
M/S – L. Paterson/S. Hunt nominate K. Munns – Acclaimed 
8. Next events on our calendar
* June 21st – Aboriginal Day – discussed above
* July 1st – Alberta Ethnic Association – discussed above
* Labour Day – August 30th. Picnic in the park at Galt Gardens. – discussed above
* NDP East Fundraiser – Picnic in the park – June 6th– discussed above
9. Varia
Renewal on the kitchen table conversation re: childcare campaign
* Need to think about how and where we want to have these conversations
* May want to look into including this into the budget 
* Calgary has planned to a one-day event for women to attend
* M. Ftizpatrick to take the lead on this project – we have an education day allocated in the budget. Contact the women resource centre/family centre
10. Actions:
* M. Ftizpatrick to call RecEx regarding invoice before next meeting
* M. Fitzpatrick to take the lead on the Renewal of Kitchen Table Conversations before next meeting
* K. Munns to talk to S. Little regarding coming to the June 17th meeting to help with convention prep before next meeting
11. Next meeting date, time and location:
* June 17th – 5:30pm @ Osho’s 
12. Agenda for next meeting: 
* Resolution preparation for convention
* Aboriginal Day Planning
13. Adjournment
S. Hunt/S. Erb/Carried – 6:18pm