Lethbridge Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes(April 2014)

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lethbridge Women’s Committee
April 15th, 2014 – 5:30pm Osho’s Restaurant (Lethbridge)
In attendance: 
Diane White
Lyn Paterson
Stephanie Erb
Maria Fitzpatrick 
Krysty Munns
Sherry Hunt
Shannan Little
1. Call to Order 
Meeting called to order at 6:04pm by M. Fitzpatrick
2. Approval of the Agenda:
 M/S/C   Munns/Paterson/carried
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda   m/s/c
M/S/C Fitzpatrick/Hunt/carried
4. New Business arising from the minute
* Last guest speaker (Renae Peterson) was really excellent
* Next graduation of for “Beauty from the Inside Out Program” is May 21st. S. Hunt received $100 from the Agriculture Union Human Rights Committee to put towards sponsoring a     girl for the next session. It was suggested that we use the $100 to purchase a prize and sell raffle tickets to make up the total cost to sponsor one girl ($475). S. Hunt to looking to feasibility for this (i.e. license, etc.).
*D. White put in a Roast and Toast into the Lethbridge Herald regarding our women’s day event (Free Swim). K. Munns to look for a copy of the paper.
5. Role of RO/Committees Document
* No issues with the outlined RO/Committee responsibilities.
* Made a note to advise the PA communication officer prior to using the PSAC logo (Jeffery Vallis)  
6. Date for our AGM
* D. Ablitt cannot make our May scheduled meeting.
* Will be scheduled for May 26th at the Lethbridge District Labour Council building.
* M. Fitzpatrick will generate the chairperson report and L. Paterson will generate the Treasurer’s report.  
7. Next events on our calendar
* April 28th – Day of Mourning at the Mtn View Cemetery in Lethbridge. In the center of the cemetery. At 12:00pm. NO Flags – the Labour District Council will purchase flowers. PSAC RWC members are encouraged to attend.
* June 21st – Aboriginal Day. The Lethbridge Aboriginal Council has no funding to carry out an event on this day. The PSAC AGR Local 30048 has contributed $600 to help fund an event in Lethbridge. L. Paterson, M. Fitzpatrick and S. Hunt will be helping members of the 30048 finalize details for this proposed event. Will report back at next meeting
* July 1st – Public Interest Alberta initiative. Promote Canada and Canada being ours. Portray the Canada we want. The Galt Museum is planning a Multicultural event and RWC members will volunteer.  
* Labour Day – August 30th. Picnic in the park at Galt Gardens. UFCW will donate the food. No financial contribution required from the Lethbridge RWC, however they will need volunteers. Help with games for the children including a nature scavenger hunts/egg and spoon race/give them a prize.
* NDP East Fundraiser – Picnic in the park – June 6th – Galt Gardens 5:30-7pm.  RWC members invited to attend.
8. Varia
*April 30th – Sick Leave for TB members telephone town hall meeting. Call your home. Encourage members to enroll and listen in.
*Triple P Parenting – The Family Centre is able to provide this training (from the recent CBC documentary – Angry Kids, Stressed Out Parents) if we can provide space and participants. This workshop would be beneficial for PSAC members and our allies. – could reserve the District Labour Council Meeting Room to offer this training to women in our community. 
9. Actions: 
Who What When
K. Munns Find Lethbridge Herald for Roast and Toast For next meeting
S. Hunt Look into a raffle to raise more funds to sponsor a girl for the Inside out Program For next meeting
L. Paterson, S. Hunt and M. Fitzpatrick Follow up on Lethbridge Plan for aboriginal day celebrations For next meeting
M. Fitzpatrick Generate Chairperson Report For next meeting
L. Paterson Generate Treasurer’s Report For next meeting
10. Next meeting date, time and location: if at all possible, select meeting dates while the committee members are there i.e.
May 26th – 5:30pm at the District Labour Council Building 
11. Agenda for next meeting: 
* Elections for Executive
* Chairperson Report
* Treasurer Report
* Aboriginal day update
* July 1st – Make Canada Ours Update
* Labour Day Picnic Update
12. Adjournment Meeting Adjourned – 7:06pm