Lethbridge Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (September 12, 2022)

Attendees: Sherry Hunt, Stephanie Erb, Danielle Poissant, Valentina Ibarra Galvis, Krysty Thomas (recording)

  1. Call to Order: 6:04PM
  2. Introductions/Welcome
  3. Approval of previous meeting minutes
    • Motion K. Thomas/D. Poissant/Carried
  4. Treasurer Report
    • S. Erb presented a financial report
    • Motion to remove K. Slattery from the bank account
    • Motion S. Erb/D. Poissant/ Carried
    • S. Erb to send in all the required documents to action this and help our committee into good standing.
  5. 2022-2023 Budget Allocation Discussion
    • Budget allocation – not yet received until our committee is in good standing
  6. Old Business
    • None
  7. New business
    • Resolutions to Women’s Convention
    o Resolutions to women’s conference to be send to Sept 30th
    o Resolution workshop Sept 14th
    o Women’s Committee to come together Sept 29th for a special resolution meeting
  8. Fall Planning
    • Sisters in Spirit
    • Sister in Spirit would our next event, we have been approved for $900 in the budget allocation.
    • Motion to give $450 to give Sister in Spirit event now and another $450 once we receive the allocation.
    • D. Poissant/E. Erb – carried
    • Many members of the committee will be in attendance in the event.
    • Lethbridge historical society – evening discussion with Belinda Crowson women history in labour – to be determined
  9. Regional Women’s Conference – Host Committee
    • Halloween dress up night
    • Photo booth
    • Spooky mocktails
    • Pumpkin carving
    • Mystery texture test
  10. Round Table Discussion
    • none
  11. Next meeting date/time?
    • Special Resolution Meeting – Sept 29th @ 7PM
  12. Adjourn – 7:14PM