Lethbridge Women’s Committee Annual General Meeting – Draft Minutes, (March 1, 2022)

March 1 2022

Attending: Sherry Hunt, Danielle Poissant, Stephanie Erb, Krsty Thomas, Michelle Lamour

  1. Call to Order:  5:06 pm
  2. Review Previous AGM (2021) Minutes

Reviewed via email.

Danielle/Thomas M/S

  1. Year End Financial Report


SE to check over for SH to send

  1. Election Of Officers

SH: Explained to the group that we consensus vote, but do have executive roles officially. Hands Chair to KT

KT: Runs election process:

Chair: Sherry Hunt (nominated by: Michelle L./Danielle P), acclaimed

Vice Chair:           Danielle P (S. Hunt/Michelle L.), acclaimed

Treasurer:           Stephanie Erb (S. Hunt/Danielle P), acclaimed

Oath taken by all

SH (resume chairing)                                     

                Secretary: K. Thomas (Danielle P/ S. Erb), acclaimed

Oath taken by KT

  1. 2022 Budget Review/Plan Approval

SH: shared budget request

SH: document shared for each event as well

event 1-Belinda ill at the moment and needs to delay project

SH: went over events-extreme heat shelter (can also use for Med hat projects and water in summer)

KT: what about attending? Yes, we probably could.

Healing and reconciliation

-Dolly to connect with Danielle on this

-Danielle may reach out

SH:  Labour day

-charity support or bouncy castles

SH: Teepee light up

-might not get whole 16 days due to other awareness days-need to share with other groups

SH:  Extreme cold shelter

-works for both Leth and Med Hat

SH:  Coutts  Xmas hampers

-want to support them-will have impact

SH:  Brunch

-invite different women’s groups

-no charge brunch or dinner?

-PSAC facilitator perhaps and plan for community moving forward

-need to find venue and organize

-if approved, this is our plans and budget submissions

Motion to accept budget and projects:

Total request of 6500.00-Motion by K. Thomas/S. Erb

2022 expenses

900.00-support for SIS valentines walk

300.00 -Laundry supplies (need receipts from Sherry)

Cheques still to be issued:

Labour council

Outstanding teepee bill

Cheques for shelters for IWD from calendar proceeds (250 each)

                -shelter asked for leggings

IWD webinar

SH, KT, DP attended

KT: felt like it was ok length

DP:  attended for a short time

all identified women in region to have received newsletter

  1. New Business:
  2. International Women’s Day
  3. Prairies Women’s Retreat (SH)
    1. Applications for planning committee received
    2. Banff centre, last weekend of Sept.  Planned around potential bargaining and voting (Sept 29, 30, Oct 1, 2).  No conflicts with convention or component events
    3. Planning committee announcement to come out soon
    4. Ideas welcome from all.  Banff centre has yoga, spin, rock climbing
    5. Marianne to attend as leadership
    6. Intended for women to bring ideas back to their RWCs
    7. 45 to attend
    8. Photos to be done by Brianne
  4. National committee womens’ working group-SH attended 
    1. Went as RWC rep (SH)
    2. Set theme for conferences
    3. Bridging the gap; _________ (regions to self determine)
  5. Round table
    1. Welcome to Michelle Lamour (Med Hat)
    2. KT: National convention committees (constitution)
      1. Resolution from national women’s committee-one woman per region to national convention, elected at PSAC regional conventions.
      2. Adds 5 delegates to national
      3. Resolution didn’t say that they were removing 2 elected at national
      4. Better resolution encompassing all groups-will push this one
      5. Passed concurrent
      6. 3 cents per member per month
      7. Will address debate on equity (more voices to national, will change culture, wants this prioritized)
      8. SH:  Gender equity task force report will support this (60% women in union, not represented at conventions).  Will tie to gender equity report

KT:  another resolution

  1. Asking to strike another convention committee to go over ones submitted from equity nations to get more equity resolutions on floor (recommendations to national triennial convention)
  2. Need to advocate for more time instead perhaps rather than another committee?
  3. Good idea, but this may not be solution
  4. SH:  more equity delegates are important rather than another committee?  Make convention more efficient?  How to get more equity seeking candidates there?
  5. Adjourn  KT motioned  5:56 pm