Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Sept 9 2014

In Attendance: Sherry Hunt; Diane White; Maria Fitzpatrick; Lyn Paterson; Pam Lussier; Krysty Munns

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lethbridge Women’s Committee
Monthly Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2014 Ohso’s Resturant (Lethbridge)
In Attendance 
Sherry Hunt
Diane White
Maria Fitzpatrick
Lyn Paterson
Pam Lussier
Krysty Munns
1. Call to Order – M. Fitzpatrick 6:04pm
2. Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c
S. Hunt/P. Lussier/C
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c
S. Hunt/L. Paterson/C
3A: Financial Report 
Current Balance – $3081.68
See attached report from L. Paterson 
Outstanding commitments:
Women’s Day Swimming invoice $400 (committed)
L. Paterson will continue to mail the bank statements to the Regional Office
Financial report motioned by L. Paterson, Seconded by K. Munns – Carried
4. New business arising from the minutes
4.1 Donation to Marlene Bird
L. Paterson mailed a cheque with a letter written by M. Fitzpatrick to the Prince Albert YWCA ($50) 
5. Prairies Region Triennial report
3 candidates nominated for REVP.  M. Haldum elected  
A lot of discussion related to finance. 
Family Care Fairness Resolution – debate wasn’t that great – several concerns regarding abuse
The resolution (with an amendment restricting payment to prohibit the “usual caregiver” from receiving compensation passed) was then “tabled” by Gus Mardli and S. Hunt as seconder, as we felt that the amendment failed to achieve the resolutions goal.  
N. Johnson is the women’s rep and Alternate is: Gloria Kelly 
6. Agriculture Union Triennial Report
Our Family Care Fairness Resolution the general committees  recommendation of “concurrence” did not pass. 
AGR union dues increase $0.42
7. UTE Triennial Convention in Windsor, Ontario July 16-19, 2014 
Passed a motion $350,000 – amended for political action, spending it all within the next year. 
Retained the National President Bob Campbell 
8, 16th USGE Triennial National Convention in Montreal, July 15-18, 2014. 
Stan Stapleton elected National President
David Neufeld elected National VP
8. Sponsorship to Beauty From the Inside Out program
Renee has contacted D. White
$500 was committed for this program
Will also assist by generating a list of other potential sponsors
S. Hunt will submit a social justice application – with the agriculture union and human rights committee.
It was discussed that M. Fitzpatrick will generate a letter that will be mailed with the cheque asking if a labour component of the program can be included. Maria would volunteer to facilitate. 
9. Next events on our calendar
Take Back the Night
o Send a letter to Womenspace to help out next year as this year’s even has been cancelled
Sisters in Spirit Vigil – October 4th
o L. Paterson will the contact to be at the event as Krysty has to be away.
o $100 has been committed, Krysty will contact the Sister in Spirit group to see how this money could be spent
Person’s Day Breakfast- October 15th
o 7am-9am $20 – M. Fitzpatrick has tickets
LRC Cake Auction – October 2nd
o M. Fitzpatrick to bake a cake
Nifty Knitters
o M Fitzpatrick motioned that everyone can purchase some yarn ($10) give a receipt to L. Paterson
o M. Fitzpatrick/L Paterson/C
o Last meeting/Christmas meeting/collection of hats and donate to Nifty Niters for distribution. 
10. Labour Day Family Picnic
Served 350 burgers/hot dogs/
Donated 150$ to the shelter
LDLC donated most of the cash for the food
Labour day is a big days for CLC
Next year we need to include the university
11. Selection of committee representative to Leader Forum – Regina
Lyn Paterson selected
Need to outline a process when the chair of the committee cannot make it (i.e. vice chair) – need to finalize at the next meeting.  
12. Varia
PSAC Young Workers’ Conference – Regina September 23-24th, 2014
-Pam and Krysty will be attending
M. Fitzpatrick will be running NDP EAST Candidate – October 29th – Wednesday Canadian Italian Centre  – 7 pm only the election. 
13. Actions: 
Who What When
M. Fitzpatrick Send a thank you note to James and William Dowson for their help with the Labour Day Picnic September 29, 2014
M. Fitzpatrick Send a letter to Womenspace offering our help next year for Take Back the Night September 29, 2014
M. Fitzpatrick/L Paterson Send a letter and cheque to Beauty from the Inside out Program September 29, 2014
K. Munns Generate a Google RWC Calendar to coordinate all our events and meetings
14. Next meeting date, time and location:
October 14th – 5:30pm – Ohso’s
15. Agenda for next meeting: 
Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c
Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
Financial Report 
Leader Forum Report
Young Workers Conference Report
Sisters in Spirit debrief
16. Adjournment
S. Hunt/D. White/C