Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Sep 21 2016

Attendance: Shannan Little – Chair; Krysty Munns – Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb; Shirley Stolk

    General Meeting Minutes
    Stephanie Erb’s Home (Lethbridge)

    Attendance:                                                    Regrets:

    – Shannan Little – Chair                                    – Dorothy McRae
    – Krysty Munns – Secretary/Treasurer              – Diane White
    – Stephanie Erb                                                 – Dolly Ablitt
    – Shirley Stolk

    1. Call to Order: S. Little 6:30pm
    2. Approval April Minutes –
      • M/S/C – K. Munns/S. Erb/C
    3. Approval of Agenda
      • M/S/C – K. Munns/S. Little/C
    4. Financial Report and update on Budget Allocation
      • Opening balance $3268.41
      • Outstanding Commitments
        1. K. Munns donation to Prairie Women’s Conference Silent Auction: $42.00
        2. S. Little donation to Prairie Women’s Conferenc Silent Auction: $18.41
        3. AstroJump – Labour Day BBQ Picnic: $624.75
      • Closing balance $2578.25
    5. Prairie Regional Women’s Conference Debrief
      • Our resolution RE: Gender inequality in the PSHCP passed unanimously will go to National Equity Conference in March.
      • Priorities included addressing the lack of universal childcare and domestic violence.
    6. New and Ongoing Business
      1.  Sisters in Spirit Vigil
        • Held Oct 4th – 6:30pm at City Hall, walk to Galt Gardens
        • K. Munns motioned for the Regional Women’s Committee to donate $100 to cover the cost of fry bread at this year’s vigil. S. Erb seconded/carried
        • Need volunteers for safety on the walk
        • Need volunteers to hand out the candles
        • Need red dresses for statement pieces when you walk into the park
        • Call to action from our local community in the future with specific action items to ensure that systemic issues are address preventing the loss of indigenous women.
      2. Person’s Day Breakfast – Oct 12th
        • K. Munns to contact organizer to see who they have lined up for speaking and what our donation will be used for. Motion to cover the cost of speaker up to $100 M/S/C – K. Munns/S. Stolk/C
        • Motion to purchase 7 tix – $140 for our members or community members. M/S/C – K. Munns, S. Little/C
      3.  Upcoming Education
        • Grievance Handling – Oct 15-16, 2016
        • Facing Management – Oct 29-30, 2016
        • Local Officers Training – November 26-27, 2016
      4.  Important Dates
    • National Equity Conference – March 2017
      • Submit resolutions – Friday Sept 30th.
      • Re-submit our Family Care resolution
    • PSAC Prairies 7th Triennial Conference – April 2017
      • Nancy Johnson our Women’s Rep for PRC has stepped down. Gloria Kelly is alternate
    • November – Lethbridge District Council – Dates not set
    • Community Inclusive Session – Lethbridge October 2nd
    • Giving project – date to be determined
      • Motion to spend $50 to host a gathering event, provide some coffee to collect items M/S/C S. Little/S. Erb/C
    • Canadian Labour International Film Festival
      • Dates to be determined
      • Encourage members to attend, help spread the word.

     7. Varia

    • Congratulations to Krysty for completing Union Development Program. Consider applying. Deadline date for applications for the next round of UDP is Friday October 7, 2016.

     8. Actions: 




    K. Munns

    Contact Person’s Day Organizers for support

    Before Oct 12th




     9. Next meeting date, time and location: TBD – Regularly meeting time is during Women’s Conference.

    10. Agenda for next meeting:

    • Approval of the Agenda
    • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    • Financial Report
    • New and Ongoing business

     11. Adjournment 8:04pm – K. Munns/S. Stolk/C