Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Sep 10 2013

In Attendance: Shannan Little; Maria Fitzpatrick; Lyn Paterson; Krysty Munns; Susan Krysztofiak

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting
10th September 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick

In Attendance                                                       Regrets

Shannan Little                                                         Sherry Hunt

Maria Fitzpatrick                                                    Stephanie Erb

Lyn Paterson                                                          Michelle Jackson

Krysty Munns

Susan Krysztofiak


1. Approval of Agenda

  • Motioned by S. Little
  • 2nd by L. Paterson

2. Approval of minutes from the June 4th meeting

  • Approved via email

3. Business arising from minutes

3.1  Labour day event

  • K. Munns gave a summary of the picnic, number of people attended was low due to the weekend it was held, cake and ice cream was served.
  • S. Hunt suggested we host it in the middle of August as a fundraiser for Tools for School and we donate our fundraising efforts as a celebration of Labour Day.

4. Guest speaker – Fran Leggett – re: Persons Day Event

  • Fran gave an informative presentation related to the Famous Five and the Person’s Case. Passed on some information about an upcoming breakfast to honor Person’s Day, Wednesday October 16th at the Lethbridge Lodge.

5.Upcoming activities

5.1  Sisters In Spirit – October 4rd

  • Krysty to take the lead.
  • Find what we can do to be supportive ($100 budget)
  • $50 hot chocolate $50 for supplies to make faceless dolls that will be donated
  • We will ask the local to donate some funds 

5.2  Take Back the Night – October 18th

  • Maria to contact the organizers of Women Space to see if there anything we can donate
  • We budgeted $50 – or could give $25
  • Use $50 from the Nifty Nitters to give to Take Back the Night

5.3  Nifty Nitters

  • we are the organizers, find the place to meet, collect, donate (last week of November) – Shannon to take the lead

5.4  Violence Against Women – December 6th

  • Susan to take the lead will report back in at next meeting

5.5  Childcare Campaign

  • Saturday Education Day… putting together arguments regarding that resolution.  Discuss with other locals and area council to see if there resolutions that are important to everyone

5.6  Municipal Election

  • who are labour friendly candidates
  • Sherry Hunt and Aleen Burke are running for this position
  • Is there other information about the candidates – Shannon has put together a survey

5.7 Persons Day – October 16th.

  • Breakfast Oct 16th to Celebrate Persons Day
  • Maria and Fran will have tickets for sale ($20)

6. Budget- response to Marianne

  • Motion to respond to Marianne
  • Shannon motion and Krysty 2nd
  • As we wait for the budget is completed we can donate our time, word of mouth, poster making

7.    Guest speaker for next meeting

  • Sisters in spirit meeting/event Aboriginal council of Lethbridge
  • Discuss about the event on October 4th

8.   Education day

  • Resolutions for the Women’s portion of the National Women’s Conference
  • planning for this education day will be carried out at our next meeting.

9.  Varia

9.1 Bank Account at First Choice Savings

  • Shannon motioned for Lyn Paterson and Maria Fitzpatrick to be signatory on the account.
  • Krysty 2nd the motion

10. Next meeting – date and place

  • next meeting date: October 8th.
  • Maria to send out a location via email.