Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Oct 8 2013

In Attendance: Lyn Paterson; Sherry Hunt; Stephanie Erb; Jolene Prystae; Diane White; Maria Fitzpatrick; Susan Krysztofiak

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting – October 8th, 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick

In Attendance         Regrets
Lyn Paterson            Michelle Jackson
Sherry Hunt              Shannan Little
Stephanie Erb
Jolene Prystae
Diane White
Maria Fitzpatrick
Susan Krysztofiak

1. Approval of Agenda 

  • Motioned by K. Munns
  • 2nd by L. Paterson

2. Approval of minutes from the June 4th meeting

  • Approved via email

3. Business arising from minutes

  • No new business arising from the previous minutes.

4. Guest speaker – Member from the Aboriginal Labour Council RE: Sisters in Spirit Vigil 

  • Speaker was unable to attend at last minute
  • K. Munns gave a summary of the Sister in Spirit Vigil, crafting supplies and 40 dolls donated to Aboriginal Labour Council from the social justice fund from PSAC Ag Local 30048. Seven RWC members were in attendance to the event.
  • Sister L. Patterson suggested that next year the RWC donate some new candles to the event. 

5. Treasurer’s report

  • Allocated $1500 from the Prairie Region
  • Bank account was opened at First Choice Savings and cheques were received
  • Had to purchase $50 First Choice savings Shares and $25 in cheques

6. Upcoming activities

a. Persons Day Breakfast

  • October 16th at 7:00am – 9:00am at Anton’s, Lethbridge Lodge
  • Tickets to attend are $20
  • M. Fitzpatrick has some to sell

b. Take Back the Night

  • Friday October 18th at 6pm at the Galt Gardens, Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge RWC Members plan to attend

c. Education Day

  • Over two evenings
  • Proposed dates Oct 21st and 29th
  • First evening

d. discussion of resolutions to be presented at the National Equity Conference (Nov 17th-22nd)

e. Will be in contact with other women’s committees to ensure each resolutions is supported

  • Second evening of training, continue with resolutions if there is carry over or bring in a guest speakers

f. Municipal Elections

  • The Lethbridge District Labour Council participated in a citizen survey buy submitting questions. Council candidates responded to this survey and results are posted here. http://www.lethbridgeaccountability.ca/lethbridge-accountability-survey-2013
  • S. Hunt spoke about her candidacy as school trustee

g. Equity conference

h. Discussion regarding RWC resolutions and education evening to prepare for resolution presentation and debate at Equity Conference. 

i. Nifty Niters Giving Project

  • Get busy knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing holiday gifts of warm weather items – toques, scarves, mitts for men, women, children.
  • Gifts will be gathered at an event on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. Location to be announced but perhaps the Owl Acoustic Lounge.
  • Items will be donated to the Interfaith Food Bank. Last year, we donated over 100 items.
  • No committee funds will be needed for this project. The Facebook event is here but you need to join the Knitting group to see join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/536653836413711
  • It was suggest that we contact senior homes to ask if they would like to contribute to this project. It was suggest that the committee purchase $50 knitting supplies and/or coffee and tea and spend a Sunday at Garden View Senior Centre making hats, scarfs, etc. for the project. M. Fitzpatrick to follow up.

j. December 6th – National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

  • S. Krysztofiak was in contact with YWCA, and they had nothing planned yet
  • There will be more information available at the end of October.
  • Our committee offered someone to sit on the committee
  • Willing to donate money for refreshments and volunteers
  • It was suggested that we will wear a white ribbon to support the event. 

k. Childcare Campaign

  • a. S. Hunt to lead kitchen conversations
  • Record 5-6 questions as to how childcare affects you
  • Apart of a larger National campaigning, CUPW, CUPE, PSAC, Re-think childcare
  • Make it apart of the next federal elections
  • Lethbridge RWC to help S. Hunt create one recording to get people to be thinking about childcare

7. Varia

a. Area Council Meeting

  • Reminder: October 23rd at the Lethbridge City Police Community Room

b. Potluck Christmas Meeting

  • November 28th at M. Fitzpatricks house – 1409 18th Ave. North 7pm.

c. Ad-buy In at NDP Convention

  • National Committee will have a table at the NDP Convention to be held in Lethbridge.
  • tables will be set up for the PSAC Childcare Campaign kitchen table conversations
  • L. Paterson will coordinate the table setup

d. Public Interest Alberta

  • Seniors Task Force came together to work for changes that would improve the lives of Alberta’s seniors, because Alberta’s seniors deserve better.
  • Hosting a lecture series here in Lethbridge November 4th at the Southminister Church (1011 4 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB) 

e. Canadian  Labour Independent Film Festival (CLIFF)

  • November 14th
  • Canadian Labour Independent Film Festival
  • S. Hunt and S. Little leading this project

f. International Day of the Girl

  • Brings awareness to girl issues to girls
  • It was suggest that this committee can spearhead this event next year
  • Essay competitive
  • L. Paterson will do a small event at Lethbridge Research Center to bring awareness of this day. 

8. Next Meeting Date

  • November 28th
  • M. Fitzpatrick’s house