Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Oct 20 2015

In Attendance: Diane White; Krysty Munns; Lyn Paterson; Dorothy McRae;

In Attendance                                                   Regrets

– Diane White                                                    – Dolly Ablitt
– Krysty Munns                                                  – Stephanie Erb
– Lyn Paterson                                                  – Wanda McLean
– Dorothy McRae                                         

1. Call to Order – L. Paterson 6:05pm  

2. Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

D. White/K. Munns/C

3. Financial Report and update on Budget Requests

  • Balance $2113.84
    K. Munns/D. McRae/C

4. New and Ongoing Business

  • Take Back the Night/Sisters in Spirit Recap: This event was well attended as we had great weather. The SIS committee is very excited about our involvement.
  • Persons Day Breakfast: Was a sold out event this year! Robyn Benson, PSAC National President was a guest speaker at the event and our committee was featured in their advertising. Krysty to look into ordering a flag for this committee to be used at events. Lyn handed out the breakfast handout.
  • Beauty From the Inside Out Program: Diane contacted Renae about sponsoring another girl ($500) in the spring. Renae was very thankful for our sponsorship. Krysty to bring cheque for next meeting, Diane to deliver to Renae.
  • UFCW Shoe Campaign Update: more information to come as Lyn has not been able to get in touch with this group
  • Upcoming Member Education: Union Development Program, AFL course and TUB/Grievance Handling (check Prairie PSAC site for details)
  • Meeting Dates and Times: Dec meeting to be held in conjunction with PSAC Stewards meeting-Lyn to coordinate with PSAC office on location and time.
  • Nifty Knitters: Once again this committee will reimburse up to $10 a person (max. budget allocation of $50) to anyone who provides receipts for wool that is used to make items for the Giving Project (toques, hats, mittens for those in need)
  • International Women’s Day Events: Along with the free swim event we discussed holding a Women’s Coalition event and showing the movie “Miss Representation” at Lethbridge Public Library. Bring ideas for next meeting!
  • Dec. 10th Christmas Meeting: Member blitz for this meeting!!!

5. Varia:

  • University of Lethbridge is holding a cyberbullying event featuring a guest speaker who will be speaking about Violence Against Women and the 16 Days of Activism. Motion to donate $50 to U of L Cyberbullying event to help with speaker costs. K. Munns/D. White/C. Krysty will look into getting an acknowledgement for our donation.

6. Actions:




K. Munns

Beauty From the Inside Out Program Cheque

Nov. 24th

L. Paterson

Coordinate with PSAC office Re: Room for Dec meeting


K. Munns

Look into ordering a WC flag for our committee


L. Paterson

Contact UFCW re: shoe campaign/Dec. 6th event


7. Next meeting date, time and location:

November 24th – 5:30pm – Sisters Pub

8. Agenda for next meeting:

  • Approval of Agenda:
  • Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
  • Financial Report and update on Budget requests
  • New and Ongoing Business
  • Varia

9. Adjournment D. White/ L. Paterson/C 7:00pm