Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Nov 4 2014

In Attendance: Lyn Paterson; Dolly Ablitt; Maria Fitzpatrick; Sherry Hunt; Krysty Munns; Diane White

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lethbridge Women’s Committee
Monthly Meeting Agenda
November 4th, 2014 Ohso’s Resturant (Lethbridge)
In Attendance                      Regrets
Lyn Paterson                         Stephanie Erb
Dolly Ablitt
Maria Fitzpatrick
Sherry Hunt
Krysty Munns
Diane White
1. Call to Order – Call to Order at 6:03pm (M. Fitzpatrick) 
2. Approval of the Agenda – m/s/carried
S. Hunt/L. Paterson/carried
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes – m/s/carried
K. Munns/D. White/carried 
4. New business arising from the minutes
5. Financial Report 
Only change this month is banking fee ($5)
L. Paterson changed the address of the bank statements to go to Calgary
L. Paterson/K. Munns/carried
6. Next events on our calendar
Nifty Knitters
December 1st 
Location to be determined – S. Hunt will email
Will be mentioned at that Area Council Meeting Nov 5th. 
National Day of Action – December 6th 
No contact with the YWCA
S. Hunt to contact the Friendship Center
Potentially have women who were missing and talk about who is missing locally. 
We have a budget from $160 – could use some money from Sisters in Spirit to purchase refreshments for out event
Christmas Meeting 
Christmas Dinner – volunteer appreciation and recruitment dinner
7:30 dinner @ Sisters – provide appys 
7. Varia
Activist training – Apply today
8. Actions: 
Who What When
L. Paterson – To book Sisters for the Christmas meeting   
M. Fitzpatrick – To take the lead on the national day of action against violence against women   
S. Hunt  – To contact to the Friendship Center to help with the national day of action  
9. Next meeting date, time and location:
December 6th  – @ 7:30pm
10. Agenda for next meeting: 
Year in  review and volunteer application meeting
11. Adjournment
6:35pm – D. White