Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – May 12 2015

In Attendance: Diane White; Krysty Munns; Lyn Paterson; Dolly Ablitt

In Attendance                                    Regrets
–    Diane White                                  – Dorothy McRae                                          
–    Krysty Munns                                – Stephanie Erb
–    Lyn Paterson                                – Sherry Hunt
–    Dolly Ablitt

1.    Call to Order – L. Paterson 5:45pm    

2.    Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c
       D. White/K. Munns/C

3.    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c
       K. Munns/D.White/C

4.    Financial Report and update on Budget Requests
        –    Current Balance: $2264.10, balance owing to RecExcellence in the amount of $662.00 to pay fees for women to swim on International Women’s day. Krysty to submit a cheque. 
        –    Receipt reimbursement sheet must be used for all financial transactions
        –    No communication on budget requests received yet from PSAC REVP office. 

5.    New and Ongoing Business
        –    Vote ChildCare Week of Action: Motion to spend up to $250.00 on supplies, including candy, bags, paper and sidewalk chalk to create information handouts for PSAC members attached to candy bags and carry out a sidewalk chalk campaign for the Vote ChildCare Campaign in Lethbridge. K. Munns/D.White/C. Krysty to buy supplies and send email out.
        –    Debrief from PSAC National Convention: A new record of 29 resolutions were dealt with. For more details check out the PSAC website. Robyn Benson and Chris Aylward acclaimed. Emergency resolution unanimously passed. 
        –    May 19th Day of Action: Sherry and Krysty are going to meet with MP Jim Hillyer.

6.    Varia:
        –    Upcoming Education: TUB course and Union School for Prairie Women. In the fall PSAC is launching Advanced Steward Training, Union Activism on Turtle Island and the NAPSI course.

7.    Actions: 

Who What  When
D. White Find Contact info for Service Canada Representative  asap
Lyn/Krysty/Dorothy Go to bank and set up signing authorities asap
K. Munns Pay RecExcellence asap
K. Munns Buy supplies for Childcare campaign asap

8.    Next meeting date, time and location:
       August 11th – 5:30pm – Osho’s

9.    Agenda for next meeting: Adoption of Agenda:
       •    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
       •    Financial Report and update on Budget requests
       •    New and Ongoing Business
       •    Varia

10.    Adjournment K. Munns/ L. Paterson/C 7:00pm