Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Mar 11 2014

In Attendance: Diane White; Lyn Paterson; Stephanie Erb; Maria Fitzpatrick; Krysty Munns; Miro Mo

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting – 11 March 2014
In Attendance
Diane White
Lyn Paterson
Stephanie Erb
Maria Fitzpatrick 
Krysty Munns
Miro Mo
Sherry Hunt
Shannan Little
Meeting called to order at 6:04pm by M. Fitzpatrick
1) Approval of Agenda
  • D. White motioned and S. Erb seconded the approval of the agenda
2) Guest Speaker – Renae Peterson from  Beauty from the Inside Out  Program
  • The purpose of the program is to teach young girls how to have more self-esteem and self-confidence in themselves.
  • The program cost $457/girl and includes 11 weeks of training. The first week is about understanding the art of communication; the second week is destruction the media and the image of women portrayed in the media, safe texting, etc. 
  • Graduations are scheduled for Tuesday April 15th @ 6:30 and Wed May 21st @ Public Library, the RWC is invited
  • The RWC is invited to sponsor a girl as well as spread the word about the program in the community and to other potential financial supporters. 
3) Review of minutes 
  • No new business arising from minutes
4) Treasurer’s report
  • L. Paterson has finalized the budget for March 15th 
  • Each event has a budget allocation
  • We are applying for a total of $4438 
  • L. Paterson motioned the approval of the budget and D. White seconded
  • L. Paterson will submit the proposed budget on or before March 15th.
5) International Women’s Day Update
  • Our free swim event was well attended and we had several positive comments on how it made women feel important/special/happy. We also made aware International Women’s Day to not only women but their families.
  • K. Munns and L. Paterson were present at the pools the day of the event handing out PSAC tattoos, lip balms, and inviting women to enter a draw for a gift basket.
  • It was important that L. Paterson and K. Munns were in attendance at the pools so women knew that it was the PSAC Lethbridge RWC sponsoring this free event.
  • M. Fitzpatrick to write thank you notes to the participating pools
  • D. White to put a “Toast” in the Lethbridge Herald to the Lethbridge Women’s committee for sponsoring 100 free swim for women
6) Next events on our calendar

a) Joining with CFUW on an election event

  • Hosting a nonpartisan event in which women’s issues are at the forefront
  • Forum to invite the election candidates, develop questions related to women’s issues, i.e. pension for women, childcare, etc.
  • This will be held at a high school
  • Date to be determined
  • RWC role would be to help develop questions, advertising in the community. 

b) Email from PSAC re: Boycotting National Public Service Week.

  • There were discussions around having an information picket as to why we are boycotting NPSW at our worksite. 
7) Varia- None
Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm
Next meeting Apr 15th, 2014 @ Ohso’s or Sister’s