Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Jun 4 2013

In Attendance: Maria Fitzpatrick; Stephanie Erb; Shannan Little; Lyn Paterson; Sherry Hunt; Krysty Munns

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting –  4th June 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:08 by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick

In Attendance             Regrets
Maria Fitzpatrick          Susan Krysztofiak
Stephanie Erb
Shannan Little
Lyn Paterson
Sherry Hunt
Krysty Munns

1. Approval of agenda – approved

2. Approval of minutes –  approved 

3. Prairies Regional Women’s Conference Update (Sherry, Shannan, Maria in attendance)

  • First childcare resolution passed – much debate due to the fact that there might abuse. Will be presented at the National Equity Conference in November.  Members from our women’s committee are encouraged to apply
  • Second childcare resolution related to care being divided between 8 hours per day.  3 shifts ($50) Being paid in 12 hour periods – wording was wrong and therefore wasn’t passed. Wrong resolution was included in the resolution package
  • For the next resolutions – we need to prepare better arguments.
  • There will need to be a meeting prior to the National Meeting in order to solidify our arguments. 

4. May Day – Sherry, Stephanie attended. Laid flowers.  There were several construction trades and city workers in attendance. Next year, we should have more ppl attend and purchase some flowers.

5. Make a Change – Calgary – Lyn and Krysty to attend – Maryanne to support them financially. Lyn will attend and potentially Pam Lussier

6. Labour Day Activities – Sherry and Shannan. Picnic grounds at the Lethbridge Research Station. Bring your meals. Organize some children games. Face painting. Scavenger hunt. Balloons. Coffee tea ice cream September 2nd. 

7. Take back the night – city hall we will provide money for refreshments and we will participate  

8. Sister in Spirit Vigil – Amnesty President. Children volunteers. $50 – supply cookies and food 

9. Person`s day – Maria to will send the agenda

10. Nifty Knitters – Shannon to buy yarn to pass along to volunteers who will make items to donate 

11. National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Women – need to have public advertised. Maria to talk to the Y about it. December 6th. 

12. Education Day – Amanda Friestatd from the CLC – give movie presentation entitled “We Are Wisconsin” combine it with our education day. Her speech will be open to everybody. Invite, the Y, workshop first. Friday night evening meeting. Date is based on Amanda`s schedule.

13. Pride Fest – Saturday June 22nd. PSAC local face painting. Member will attend the parade. 

14. NDP Fundraiser – June 14th. Krysty and Lyn will volunteer time and Lyn will provide supplies for centre pieces. 10 tables

15. July 4th movie – Lethbridge District Council –  Sacred Spirit of Water. Members invited to attend and volunteer at concession.

16. November 13th – CASA Cliff – Canadian Labour Film Fest – Shannon and Sherry to provide more details.

Next meeting day is Sept 10th. At the Art Gallery. 

Adjournment at 8:00pm