Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Jan 7 2014

In Attendance: Maria Fitzpatrick; Susan Krysztofiak; Lyn Paterson; Stephanie Erb; Diane White; Sherry Hunt; Krysty Munns

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting
January 7, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick

In Attendance:

Maria Fitzpatrick
Susan Krysztofiak
Lyn Paterson
Stephanie Erb
Diane White
Sherry Hunt
Krysty Munns


Shannan Little

1. Approval of Agenda

a. D. White motioned and S. Erb seconded the approval of the agenda 

2. Review of minutes

a. L. Paterson motioned and D. White seconded the approval of the last minutes

b. Business arising from minutes

  • The YWCA did not get back to us regarding support needed for an event for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women (December 6th). If not event is organized by the YWCA for the 2014 event we will take the lead on that project.

3. Treasurer’s report

a. update on committee report to Marianne re: budget – L. Paterson and M. Fitzpatrick

  • $1060 in main account and $50 in the shared account

  • The balance of this will be spent for the IWD event and for our participation in the community event “no Drilling in Lethbridge” This money will be spent by Mar 8th 

4. Next events on our calendar

a. March 8 –  International Women’s Day

  • Host a kitchen table conversation for women on Family Care – 1hr session with coffee and refreshments S. Hunt will put together the presentation and M. Fitzpatrick will deliver.

  • Rent out the pool for an hour at any of the Recreation Excellence pools, and pay a portion of the cost of swimming for women – up to $500

  • Advertise our event on a bus or radio spot

  • M. Fitzpatrick to call the Recreation Excellence to confirm booking of city pools and/or workshop space 

5. Delegate for Convention

a. S. Hunt nominated M. Fitzpatrick to attend convention. K. Munns seconded. 

b. M. Fitzpatrick acclaimed as delegate to the convention

6. Budget for this year – discussion, motion and approval

a. L. Paterson is going to work on the budget and forward it via email. 

b. New 2014 budget runs from Jan 1 2014 – Dec 31 2014.

c. Need to be submitted by the end of the Jan. 

7. Event planning for this year – discussion, motion and approval

a. March 8th – International Women’s Day

b. May Day – Lethbridge District Labour Council planning (Thursday May 1st) international day of the celebration. Screening the “We are Wisconsin” movie.

c. Labour Day Picnic – BBQ for the unemployed and underemployed.  We will provide a donation and organize the kids event/ help BBQ or any other tasks involved

d. Because I’m girl –  Beauty from the inside out – program to build self-esteem in young women our committee could sponsor a participant and then invite the participant to come and brief us on what she did in the program and how it helped her – D. white to get more information

e. Public interest Alberta Event – keynote speakers in Calgary and conference in Edmonton. – Martha Friendly, child care advocate will be speaking April 11 – 13th (a number of the sisters are interested in taking part)

f. Take Back the Night – we will work with the Womenspace Resource Centre on this activity. ($50 donation and sisters will be in attendance)

g. Sisters in Spirit Vigil – we will work with our sisters from the Friendship Centre in a supportive role.

h. Person’s Day – we will participate and provide a small donation

i. Nifty Knitters – we will purchase the supplies in late August and finish up the activity by the end of November to provide our mitts, hats and scarves to the Interfaith food bank will carry out the distribution.

j. National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – we will work with the sisters at the YWCA on this activity or take the lead if they do not take the initiative prior to the middle of October.

8. Varia

a. Anti-Fracking Lethbridge community meeting (Jan 14th)

  • They need volunteers to card drop

  • Need some financial support 

  • Financial donation (up to $100) from our group will go towards mailing and printing of information to relay information.

  • Lethbridge RWC concern for this movement is associated with the health of women and children if the fracking was to commence in Lethbridge. 

  • Lethbridge RWC will attend the organization meeting and are encouraging our members to volunteer in any way they can

b. S. Krysztofiak to go on leave without pay for 15 months

  • She will send Robyn Benson  a letter regarding maintaining her membership while on leave

  • Next meet we will fill her position of vice-chairperson

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Next meeting February 11, 2014