Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Jan 20 2015

In Attendance: Sherry Hunt – RVP Agriculture; Diane White – Vice Chair; Maria Fitzpatrick – Chairperson; Lyn Paterson – Treasurer; Krysty Munns – Secretary; Dorothy McRae; Stephanie Erb; Jolene Prystae

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Lethbridge Women’s Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes


January 20, 2015 – Ohso’s Resturant (Lethbridge)


In Attendance

–       Sherry Hunt – RVP Agriculture

–       Diane White – Vice Chair

–       Maria Fitzpatrick – Chairperson

–       Lyn Paterson – Treasurer

–       Krysty Munns – Secretary

–       Dorothy McRae

–       Stephanie Erb

–       Jolene Prystae


1.    Call to Order – M. Fitzpatrick 5:30pm

2.    Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

S. Hunt/K.Munns/C

3.    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c

S. Hunt/L. Paterson/C

4.    New business arising from the minutes

–       none


5.    Treasurer Report

–       Current balance of $2124.10

–       Need to order some swag for our International Women’s Day Event.

o   Chapstick, stickers/tattoos

o   Other ideas: kites and bullhorns

–       K. Munns motioned that $500 be set aside for swag that will be used at the International Women’s Day Event as well as other events throughout the year. S. Hunt amended this motion to set aside $750. D. White seconded. – carried

–       K. Munns and L. Paterson to order items after approval from J. Vallis

6.    Next events on our calendar

·         We are Wisconsin Screening – Jan 21 @ 6pm

o   Lethbridge Public Library – Main Branch

o   All members and public are invited  

·         International Women’s Day – Free Swim Event

o   March 8th @ Stan Siwik Pool and Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre

o   J. Prystae, L. Paterson, D. White and S. Erb volunteered to work at the pool the day of the event.

o   K. Munns will put an advert in her car

o   K. Munns to make a Facebook Event



7.    Varia

–        LeeAnne Sharp Adze with the Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Society to meet with the committee at future date regarding on-going Kitchen Table Conversations related to our letter writing campaign demanding an inquiry on the murdered and missing women. M. Fitzpatrick to follow-up.

–        Next PRC meeting is Feb 28th in Winnipeg, if there are any issues we need to bring up pass to S. Hunt before then.



8.    Actions:





K. Munns

Setup a Facebook Event for IWD event

Before March 8th


K. Munns/L. Paterson

Order swag for  IWD event

By Jan 30th


L. Paterson

Put IWD event in Lethbridge Recreation Guide



9.    Next meeting date, time and location:

February 10th – 5:30pm – Ohso’s


10.Agenda for next meeting:

·              Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

·              Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes

·              Financial Report

·              M. Fitzpatrick resigning as Chair

·              International Women’s Day – Final details



6:57pm – S. Hunt/D. White/C