Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Feb 9 2016

In Attendance: Lyn Paterson, Chair; Dorothy McRae, Vice Chair; Krysty Munns, Treasurer; Diane White, Secretary; Phuong Nguyen; Dolly Ablitt

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Osho’s Restaurant (Lethbridge)

In Attendance                                             Regrets

– Lyn Paterson – Chair                                 – Jolene Prystae
– Dorothy McRae – Vice Chair                      – Stephanie Erb
– Krysty Munns – Treasurer                         – Mandy Herman
– Diane White – Secretary                            – Karen Wurtz
– Phuong Nguyen
– Dolly Ablitt

1.    Call to Order and Welcome – L. Paterson 5:45

2.    Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

D. White/K. Munns/C

3.    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c

D. White/D. McRae/C

4.    Financial Report

– Current balance of $1340.55

– Finalization of Budget Requests

5.    Follow Up on Old Business

– Lethbridge RWC Flag: will cost approx. $520.00 from Cavan; added into budget request items.

– Upcoming Education: New education schedule will be sent out by RO this week.

– Planning for IWD:

  • Swimming will be held in March 6, will promote movie at the pools; RecExcellence is on board to accept 100 women at each pool for family swim (Nicholas Sheran 1-3:30 and Stan Siwik 2-4). Volunteers: Diane @ Nicholas Sheran and Phuong (possibly Dorothy) at Stan Siwik.

Motion: to approve paying admission for 100 persons to each pool

m/s/c K. Munns/D. White/Carried

  • Film Screening: Will show the film MisRepresentation on March 8th at the Crossings Branch of the Chinook Public Library from 6-9, refreshments will be served (popcorn and pop). Library has film and is checking on legalities of showing film publicly-they will get back to Krysty on this. It will cost $60.00 for the room rental.

Motion: to pay Chinook Public Library $60.00 for the room rental for IWD event   m/s/c K. Munns/D. White/Carried

Motion: to spend up to $200.00for refreshments for IWD event

m/s/c K. Munns/D. McRae/Carried

  • Swag: LRWC logo to be sent to Regional office. RO will print off stickers to be put on popcorn bags. RO will send pamphlets for IWD and will send us whatever stock they may have to hand out (stickers, tattoos, suckers, etc.)
  • Advertising: Facebook event, posters, mini invitations to be handed out a pools, City of Lethbridge website, Lethbridge Library website
  • Speakers; Lyn to contact possible speaker to introduce film and invite special guests
  • Continued planning will be done via email

– Sponsorship of T-Ball team: No response from association yet. Dorothy to follow up at next meeting and if she hears back will contact Krysty with dollar amounts to be added to budget requests

– Regional Women’s Conference: Will be held June 10-12 in Winnipeg. The committee will be called together soon to plan. Diane will be the rep for this committee as Lyn is retiring.

6.    New Business

– PSAC will be holding two education events in Lethbridge; Duty to Accommodate March 18 5:30-9pm and Bullying in the Workplace (Basic) March 19 9-4:30pm at the Holiday Inn. Sign up online.

7.   Varia

– AFL is seeking nominations for IWD awards: Krysty to work on our selections.

– Feb 29 and March 1 Calgary will be holding two courses: Domestic Violence in the Workplace and National Childcare Campaign. If we want to do these as an educational workshop all we need to do is pick a date and let Dolly know.

– Lobbying training will be held on Feb 17th in Calgary from 5:30-8:00. We could possibly have this held in Lethbridge on Feb 18th. Krysty and Lyn are interested in this, will coordinate with Area Council.

– National Equity Conference call out will be sent out soon; March 24-28, 2017 in Toronto. 

8.    Actions: 




K. Munns

AFL award write up

Next meeting

K. Munns

Update us on film costs, create and send RWC logo to RO


L. Paterson

Send IWD invitations to speaker and guests, put on City website


D. McRae

Find info re: T-ball sponsorship

Next Meeting 

K. Munns

FB event, posters, invites for IWD screening event


L. Paterson

Find out about popcorn


 9.    Next meeting date, time and location: March 15th – 5:30pm – Osho’s 

10.   Agenda for next meeting:

  • Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c
  • Financial Report and budget requests
  • International Women’s Day – review of events
  • New and Ongoing business

– AGM Planning for April 5th

 11.   Adjournment 7:00pm – K. Munns/D. White/C