Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Feb 11 2014

In Attendance: Sherry Hunt; Dolly Ablitt; Maria Fitzpatrick; Lyn Paterson; Diane White; Krysty Munns

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting
February 11, 2014
Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick
In Attendance:
Sherry Hunt
Dolly Ablitt
Maria Fitzpatrick
Lyn Paterson
Diane White
Krysty Munns
Stephanie Erb
Shannan Little
Meeting called to order at 6:10pm by Chair M. Fitzpatrick
1) Approval of Agenda
a) K. Munns motioned and D. White seconded the approval of the agenda 
2) Review of minutes 
a) No new business arising from minutes
3) Treasurer’s report
a) update on committee report to Marianne re budget – L. Paterson and M. Fitzpatrick
4) Resolutions
a) Resolutions for the Triennial Prairie Region Convention are due March 5th.
b) S. Hunt to re-write current resolution
c) We will review over email
d) S. Hunt will submit on our behalf
5) Next events on our calendar
a) March 8- IWD. 
  • Posters are to be printed regarding out Free Swim for Women at Stan Siwick and Nicholas Sharon. Need to post them at supermarkets, downtown, laundry mats, banks, soup kitchen and shelter. K. Munns to print and post
  • Media release/club with Women space Event at the Galt
  • Facebook Event/Twitter – K. Munns to carry this out
  • We will have a raffle draw during the event. L. Paterson will take care of putting gift baskets together
b) Invite to St. Patrick’s Day Celli (Dinner and Dance)
  • M. Fitzpatrick invited to dinner and Dance. NDP East fundraiser. March 15th. Junkman’s Choir is the entertainment. L. Paterson to provide a dessert for the dessert auction. 
6) Budget for this year – discussion, motion and approval
a) Budget layout was reviewed. Divided up who was the representative for each event for the next year. 
  • S. Hunt – Labour Day Picnic/May Day/National Day of Action on Violence Against Women
  • K. Munns – Take back the Night/Sisters in Spirit
  • M. Fitzpatrick – Persons Day/Nifty Knitters
  • D. White – Because I am a Girl Program and Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Need to have the budget finalized down by March 15th. Will discuss at next meeting
7) Varia
a) Person’s Day Event. Lethbridge Lodge Breakfast – October. M. Fitzpatrick to take lead
b) International Women’s AFL
c) NDP AGM Wed Feb 26th @ 7pm at the public library
d) Anti-bullying day Feb 26th. We are to encourage members and colleagues to wear pink that day.
e) Feb 20th – All party debate regarding Urban Oil Drilling at the University of Lethbridge Ballroom
f) Election of Vice President
i) D. White nominated by S. Hunt. Seconded by M. Fitzpatrick. Acclaimed. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:11pm
Next meeting March 11th, 2014