Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Dec 9 2014

In Attendance: Lyn Paterson; Maria Fitzpatrick; Sherry Hunt; Krysty Munns; Jolene Prystae; Guests: Cheryl Meheden and Shannan Little


Public Service Alliance of Canada

Lethbridge Women’s Committee

Monthly Meeting Agenda – Volunteer Appreciation Meeting


Dec 9th, 2014 – Sister’s Pub and Grill (Lethbridge)


In Attendance                      Regrets

Lyn Paterson                         Stephanie Erb

Maria Fitzpatrick                   Dolly Ablitt

Sherry Hunt

Krysty Munns

Jolene Prystae

Guests: Cheryl Meheden and Shannan Little


1.    Call to Order – Call to Order at 7:40pm (M. Fitzpatrick)

2.    Approval of the Agenda – m/s/carried

L. Paterson/S. Hunt/carried

3.    Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes – m/s/carried

K. Munns/M. Fitzpatrick/carried

4.    New business arising from the minutes


4.1 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women

o   10 people in attendance

o   well received

o   notes were taken and distributed by K. Munns

Action Item: Carry out a local heroes campaign. Have someone prominent in the community be featured on local TV or the newspaper promoting the message of anti-violence and positive out reach for victims of violence.


Action Item:  Letter writing campaign requesting the government to take more responsible regarding violence and demand that the government carry out a national inquiry related to the status of thousands of murdered and missing women.

–       M. Fitzpatrick to generate a template letter.

–       Participants today will ask 10 people to write a letter and ask them to ask 10 other people.

–       Potential support groups: Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), PSAC Women’s committees, PSAC Area Council, Canadian Federation of Labour, Universities,           Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Society, etc.

–       Once letters have been mailed contact the media

–       PSAC Women’s Committee to donate supplies (envelopes, postage if need be)

5.    Next events on our calendar


–             March 8th – International Women’s Day

–             Provide free swimming for all women at the local pools.

–             Advertise our event with posters, facebook events, Lethbridge Recreation guide (all free advertising)

–             Order swag that we can give away at that even


6.    Varia



–        none



7.    Actions:





M. Fitzpatrick

Follow-up with the City of Lethbridge for International Women’s Day


L. Paterson

Contact Lethbridge Recreation Guide for International Women’s Day Event


K. Munns

Create a Facebook event for our Internationl Women’s Day Event  



8.    Next meeting date, time and location:


Tentatively set January 13th – 5:30pm Ohso’s


9.    Agenda for next meeting:

1. Treasurer’s report

2. Next events on our calendar



8:35pm – K. Munns