Lethbridge RWC Mtg Minutes – Apr 22 2013

In Attendance: Dolly Ablitt (Regional Representative); Maria Fitzpatrick; Lyn Paterson; Krysty Munns; Sherry Hunt; Stephanie Erb; Michelle Jackson; Susan Krysztofiak

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting – 22nd April 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by meeting chair Maria Fitzpatrick

In Attendance                                                      Regrets

Dolly Ablitt (Regional Representative)                 Shannan Little
Maria Fitzpatrick
Lyn Paterson
Krysty Munns
Sherry Hunt
Stephanie Erb
Michelle Jackson
Susan Krysztofiak

1. Welcome – Dolly Ablitt, Regional Representative for Women’s Committees in Southern Alberta opened the meeting.

2. The Agenda was approved with a couple of additions under varia.

3. Election of the executive

a. Chairperson – Maria Fitzpatrick

  • nominated by Michelle Jackson
  • seconded by Sherry Hunt

b. Vice Chairperson – Susan Krysztofiak

  • nominated by Sherry Hunt
  • seconded by Stephanie Erb

c. Treasurer – Lyn Paterson

  • nominated by Sherry Hunt
  • seconded by Krysty Munns

d. Secretary – Krysty Munns 

  • nominated by Sherry Hunt
  • seconded by Michelle Jackson

All positions were acclaimed.

4. Proposed budget was discussed. As per Dolly’s suggestion the budget was broken down to provide more detail on each line item. Amendments were made and then approved by the committee.

5. Resolutions:

  • Policy 25 – Family Care Allowance – Restrictions 1
  • PSAC Acknowledgment of PinkShirtDay Anti-Bullying Campaign were put forward to the Calgary RWC by the women who have now formed this committee were reviewed and discussed.

6. The upcoming activities and working with coalition partners were discussed and agreed upon, they are:

a. May Day- we will be working with the Lethbridge District Labour Council on the activities – in particular April 28, Day of Mourning which will be held at the Mountain View Cemetery ($50 donation)

b. Labour Day Activities -this is being discussed with the Lethbridge District Labour Council.  We expect we will have to take the lead on this activity. ($200 donation and sisters to help with this event)

c. Take Back the Night- we will work with the Womenspace Resource Centre on this activity. ($50 donation and sisters will be in attendance)

d. Sisters in Spirit Vigil -we will work with our sisters from the Friendship Centre in a supportive role. ($100 donation and sisters will be in attendance)

e. Person’s Day– ($100 donation and sisters will be in attendance)

f. Nifty Knitters- we will purchase the supplies in late August and finish up the activity by the end of November to provide our mitts, hats and scarves to the Interfaith food bank will carry out the distribution. ($100 donation)

g. National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women- we will work with the sisters at the YWCA on this activity. ($160 donation)

h. Education Day -we will take a Sat in the early fall to have some training on taking a women’s perspective and action on such things as Collective Bargaining, Bullying, working with other coalition groups in support of women issues. We will provide a meal at lunch and include some keynote speakers.

7. Varia

a. Event participation

i. Working with political parties to move forward the issues which face the women of our union and our communities – June 14, 6:30-9:30pm.

  • Looking for volunteers
  • Lyn to donate a centre piece for tables

ii. Participation in the ‘Make a Change’ forum in Calgary June 15th

  • Proposed that Lyn Paterson and Krysty Munns possibly attend

b. Schedule of meetings to the end of Dec 2013.

  • June 4th
  • September 10th
  • Oct 8th
  • November 12th

8.  Adjournment at 8:00pm