Lethbridge RWC Minutes – March 17 2015

In Attendance: Diane White; Maria Fitzpatrick; Lyn Paterson; Dorothy McCrae;

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Lethbridge Women’s Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes


March 17, 2015                              Ohso’s Restaurant (Lethbridge)


In Attendance                                                       Regrets

  • Diane White                                                    – Krysty Munns
  • Maria Fitzpatrick                                              – Sherry Hunt
  • Lyn Paterson                                                               – Jolene Pristae
  • Dorothy McCrae                                          – Stephanie Erb


1.Call to Order – D. White 5:55pm       


2.Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

D. White/D. McCrae/C


3.Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c

  • One change noted under point #7: All positions will be up for election at the AGM in April.

D.White/L. Paterson/C


4.New business arising from the minutes



5.Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank Balance: $2119.10 less $5.00 for bank fees.
  • Funding and Reporting package has been submitted to the REVP.
  • Suggestions from the auditors were discussed, receipt reimbursement sheet handed out.


6.Next Events on our Calendar:

  • March 18th: UTE National Day of Action
  • Discussed partnering with CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women) in setting up donation boxes in at our worksites for the collection of feminine hygiene products to be donated to Harbor House. Lyn to create posters.


7.International Women’s Day Debrief:

-Nicholas Sheran Pool: 75 women and girls swam for free. Lots of positive comments from people in attendance. Positive comments about the Union being visible in the community. Staff were excellent at both locations.

-Stan Siwik: 85 women and girls swam for free. Very positive.

-Overall a very successful event and all agreed to continue next year.

-Next year: need better swag, times on signage will need to be adjusted, and would like to do raffle baskets again.


8. March 19th Day of Action

  • March 19th: PSAC National Day of Action; meet at noon at J. Hillyer’s office

9.Summer plans

  • Dependent upon budget approvals of events we submitted. Would like to coordinate with Area Council.
  • Womanspace is looking for help in getting aboriginal women out to vote. Lyn to contact Womanspace and offer our assistance. We would like to expand this to getting ALL women out to vote.




-AGM. Date decided upon: April 21, 2015. 6:30 (in the hopes of more attendance). O-sho’s Restaurant upstairs.







D. White

Send PSAC office the AGM notice

March 20, 2015

L. Paterson

Create posters for donation boxes

April 21, 2015

L Paterson

Contact Womanspace

April 21, 2015





12.Next meeting date, time and location:

April 21 – 6:30pm – Ohso’s


13.Agenda for next meeting:

  • Adoption of Agenda:
  • Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
  • Financial Report and update on Budget requests
  • New and Ongoing Business
  • Elections
  • Varia


14.Adjournment D. White/D. McCrae/C