Lethbridge RWC Minutes – Feb 10 2015

In Attendance: Sherry Hunt- RVP Agriculture; Diane White – Vice Chair; Maria Fitzpatrick – Chairperson; Lyn Paterson – Treasurer; Krysty Munns- Secretary; Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff

Stephanie Erb

Public Service Alliance of Canada Lethbridge Women’s Committee Monthly Meeting Minutes



February 10, 2015

Ohso’s Resturant (Lethbridge)


In Attendance

Sherry Hunt- RVP Agriculture

Diane White – Vice Chair

Maria Fitzpatrick – Chairperson Lyn Paterson – Treasurer Krysty Munns- Secretary

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff

Stephanie Erb


Dorothy McRae


2.   Call to Order-     5:52pm M. Fitzpatrick


3.   Approval of the Agenda: m/s/c

K. Munns/S. Hunt- carried


4.   Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes   m/s/c

Minutes approved


5.   New business arising from the minutes

Need to have another follow up meeting at the Friendship Centre. M. Fitzpatrick to follow up.


6.  Treasurer Report

Current balance of $2119.10

L. Paterson/S. Hunt/Carried


7.   Chairperson resignation

M. Fitzpatrick stepped down

D. White to take over chairperson

New Vice-Chair to be elected in at AGM April


Transfer of signing authority:





Lyn Paterson


Diane White


8.   Next events on our calendar

•    Feb 13th- Shut Down Canada

o     Blocking traffic on Hwy 3

•     Feb 14th- World Memorial March

•     International Women’s Day- Free Swim Event


o     Ask J. Vallis what is in stock for this event- K. Munns to send an email to J. Vallis.

•    Towel would be a good idea to relate with our Alberta  campaign

•      Brad with the pool to display  the poster regarding Women’ s Event

•             L. Paterson  contacted  the city and it will be included  in Event’ s Calendar and the Rec Ex

•      D. Ablitt to get additional banner for the second pool

•     D. White and S. Erb at Nicholas  Sheran

•      L. Paterson  and J . Prystae  at Stan Siwik

•     Have an information table – how do you manage  your childcare?

•     Maria at Stan Siwik

•     C. Menhaden to Nicholas Sharon


9.   Public Interest Alberta- Child Care Agenda (S. Hunt)

Alberta  Could Campaign

The next phase – “Alberta Should”

5 new commercials will come out with a press release  each week up to the election

Photobomb during the election -flat child

April 8-11 – Public Interest  Alberta Conference

Avi Lewis keynote  speaker


10. Varia

Calgary  Women’s  Committee Update

Activities  include:

–     Scotia  Bank Marathon

–    Women’s  Day Event in collaboration with other women’ s group

–    Global  Fest

–    Take Back the Night

–   SIS Vigil

–   Targeting a women’ s shelter do “beginning basket”

–    Cookware, bedding,  spices,  donations from locals

–    Partner  with other unions  National  Public Service  week – pancake breakfast

–   Host CLIFF


11. Actions:





K. Munns

Facebook  event for IWD

Feb 16th



12. Next meeting date, time and location:

March 10 – 2015 

5:30pm- Ohso’s

13.Agenda for next meeting:

•       Approval  of the Agenda:  m/s/c

•       Review  and approval  of the previous meeting’ s minutes

•       Financial  Report

14. Adjournment

6:57pm  – S. Hunt/D. White/C