Lethbridge RWC AGM Minutes – May 3 2017

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee AGM Minutes May 2017

Lethbridge Women’s Committee
Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes
May 3rd –  5:30pm
London Drugs Community Room
Attendance:                                                    Regrets:
Shannan Little – Chair                                      Kirsty Slattery
Krysty Munns – Secretary/Treasurer                 
Stephanie Erb – Vice Chair
Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff
Kathy Williams
Dorothy McRae
Danielle Poissant (via Skype)
Andrea Schneider (via Skype)


  1. Call to Order: S. Little 5:32pm 

  2. Approval Feb Minutes – M/S/C – K. Munns/K. Williams/C

  3. Approval of Agenda-M/S/C – K. Munns/S. Little/C

  4. Financial Report

  • Balance as of May 3rd, 2017 $1488.27
  • 2017 Approved Allocation $1000
  • Additional Allocation Lethbridge Living Library Event $3000
  • Motion to cover the cost of pizza and pop for May 3rd meeting M/S/C K. Munns/S. Little/carried
  • Motion to cover bouncy castle expenses for Labour Day Picnic

 5. Election of Officers

  • S. Little to step down from Chair
  • The idea of having a rotating chair was agreed upon by consensus of the committee.
  • Election of Secretary/Treasurer – K. Munns acclaimed by consensus
  • Secondary signing authority – S. Erb acclaimed by consensus  

 6.Update from the National Women’s Convention

The 2017 PSAC NATIONAL EQUITY CONFERENCES were held March 24 to 28, 2017 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Shannan Little and Krysty Munns attended as delegates to the National Women’s Conference. Resolution debate was held on Monday, March 27, 2017. Ten priority resolutions were identified by the resolutions committee. Of these ten, two priority resolutions originated from the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee (ADDRESSING RESTRICTIONS IN THE FAMILY CARE POLICY and ADDRESSING GENDER INEQUITY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE HEALTH CARE PLAN). The Family Care Policy resolution was passed with much support. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the delegates did not have time to debate and vote on the Health Care Plan resolution. This was disappointing to many delegates who saw this is an important resolution to pass.
Workshops that were attended by Shannan and Krysty included:
  • Child care: making it a reality;
  • Promoting women’s leadership;
  • The economic empowerment of women at work; and
  • Victory at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

 7. Update from the Prairie Regional Triennial

Two resolutions from the Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee were put forward (ADDRESSING RESTRICTIONS IN THE FAMILY CARE POLICY and ADDRESSING GENDER INEQUITY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE HEALTH CARE PLAN). Both passed with the latter passing unanimously.

 8. Upcoming events

  • May 28th – Backpacks Full of Cash – Movie Screening at the Sterndale Bennet – supported by Alberta Federation of Labour
  • Members to boycott National Public Service Week – June 11-16th
  • K. Munns to attend Prairie Regional Council Meeting  – July 7 and 8th
  • RWC members to participate in Lethbridge Pride Fest – June 23-25
  • Area Council is hosting a PSAC Dragonboat Team – June 23-25
  • RWC members to participate in Lethbridge Whoop Up Days Parade – August 22
  • RWC members to volunteer at the Lethbridge and District Labour Council Labour Day Picnic bouncy castles – September 4th

 9. Varia

  • PSAC Calgary Regional Office to move this summer. New larger space to hold the advance courses.
  • K. Williams to look into ordering “Women’s Place is in Her Union” T-shirts
  • Medicine Hat to host a local information meeting regarding Regional Women Committee activities, brainstorm events they can do there or attend here in Lethbridge
  • Outgoing executive would like to formally thank Sister Shannan Little for her contribution as Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Chair this past year. Her efforts were instrumental in hosting successful events within our community and culminated in the submission and passing of two important resolutions directly affecting women within our Union. She was a driving force behind the “No More Fairy Tales” Universal Childcare Campaign.

10. Upcoming Education

  • Advanced Representation for Stewards Calgary- June 8-11, 2017 (POSTPONED)

 11. Next meeting date, time and location:

  • September 6th @ 5:30pm at London Drugs Community room (may change depending on schedule)

12. Agenda for next meeting:

  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • Summer Activities Debrief
  • Plans for Fall 2017

 13. Adjournment 6:20 – Consensus