Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (Oct.1, 2019)

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee: Meeting Minutes – Oct.1, 2019

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee

October 1, 2019 @ 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Stephanie Erb (30048), Sherry Hunt (30048), Karen Mah (30048), Krysty Thomas (30048), Dorothy McRae (Agriculture RVP), Diane White (PSAC rep)

By phone: Danielle Possiant (30907), Kristy Slattery (30036)

  • K Slattery called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm



  • K Slattery summarized the agenda.  D Possiant made a motion to adopt the agenda and S Hunt seconded.  The motion passed by consensus.

Review of previous meeting’s minutes

  • S Erb – there was no motion to approve the bouncy castle in the minutes. 
  • K Mah – there was an email exchange among the executives discussing this in which the expense was approved. 
  • K Thomas – in the past this was done retroactively.

Financial Report

  • S Erb – The line entry for “quarterly deposit” will be changed to read “2019 allocation” and the date will be updated.
  • S Erb still needs to issue a cheque for last meeting’s food expense. 
  • S Erb made the motion to approve the financial report.  D McRae seconded and the motion passed by consensus.

Summer events recap

  • Labour Day events
    • Medicine Hat – D Possiant – Labour Day BBQ in the park, this year it was opened up, but with the bad weather, didn’t get as many people but did get more kids.  The Labour Council was appreciative of the donation.  D Possiant made the motion to cover the cost of the bouncy castle expense for the Medicine Hat event.  Kristy S seconded, and the motion passed by consensus.
    • Lethbridge – K Thomas – nearly 1000 people were served, and the bouncy castles were a hit.  Recognized the volunteers. K Thomas made a motion to cover the bouncy castle expense with a cheque made out directly to the Lethbridge District Labour Council (who covered the cost).  D McRae and K Slattery seconded. The motion passed by consensus.

Prairie Women’s Conference

  • S Hunt – There were four attendees from the LWRC committee (S Hunt, K Thomas, D Possiant and Tania Fikus (Service Canada)) and D McRae attended as an observer.  D White was there as a staff member. 4 out of 5 resolutions put forward by the LWRC are going to national.
  • K Thomas – Good guest speakers, Barb Byers gave a good rousing speech, there were workshops on engaging different groups.
  • D Possiant – everyone signed a contacts list (D White – it should be coming out soon). There was an elder who talked about the red dress.  The panel of guests were great.  Last day was a Lethbridge specific planning day – shared successes and learned about others. How to follow through on actions. 
  • D McRae – Magali Picard told a story in which 7 women and 3 men were running for a competition and the man ended up winning because the women didn’t work together.
  • D White – has gone through the evaluation forms, comments about the resolution debate was consistent.  This group should be congratulated for their work on the resolutions.  People are taking away from the conference better ways to write resolutions (e.g. more precise wording). 
  • S Hunt, K Thomas – There was a lively debate on the resolutions and it was educational.

Upcoming events

  • Sister’s in Spirit Vigil, Oct 4 – S Hunt is on the board and planning committee for Amnesty International.  Donation came from Area Council.  We could use the budget line item for the faceless doll expenses instead.  S Hunt made the motion to write a cheque to the AI letter circle for faceless doll expenses.  D Possiant seconded and the motion passed by consensus. 
  • 2020 National Women’s Conference Ottawa – K Slattery – there are two options: 1. can do a conference call (she will send an email about this), 2. Talked with Marianne, we can nominate and elect tonight since we are a tight group. S Erb suggested that we choose a delegate who has gone to the regional conference.  K Thomas proposed a conference call in two weeks. Oct 22 is the date for the conference call. D White will set up the call.  D White’s term will end at the end of this month.  This will be the last meeting that she is attending in person.

Other events

  • Coutts/Lethbridge Food bank drive. Last year K Slattery spent $300.  S Erb – The community outreach line item addresses this.
  • Person’s day – K Thomas made the motion to spend $125 on speaker costs. D Possiant seconded and motion passed by consensus. S Hunt made the motion to spend line item on tickets to attend the event. D McRae seconded and motion passed by consensus.  S Erb and K Thomas will go. K Thomas will inquire about the 10 tickets.
  • K Slattery made the motion to spend money for the food bank basket and take $200 from the community outreach line item and $100 from the International Women’s Day line item.  S Hunt seconded and motion passed by consensus.
  • K Thomas – have brunch to commemorate Dec 6 (Ecole Polytechnique anniversary).  Will put forward to Marianne as a special event.  Will have a small silent charity item and sell tickets.  K Thomas and S Hunt will work together on a project proposal.  D White – Do posters and send to regional office, can post on website.  K Thomas made the motion, K Slattery seconded. Motion passed by consensus.
  • D McRae asked about the resolutions going to national.  Do we do that? D White – The Regional conference handles it.

Next meeting date for a Social

  • To discuss at the conference call

Round Table

  • S. Erb – Updates on outstanding budget line items. U of L menstruation drive – K Thomas haven’t heard anything yet.  D Possiant – healing event – D Possiant will get back to S Erb.  Lethbridge girls rock camp was not supported.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 pm by K Slattery