Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (Jan 22, 2019)

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – Jan 22, 2019

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee

Jan 22, 2019 @ 5:30pm

Meeting Minutes



Karen Mah (30048), Krysty Munns (30048), Kristy Slattery (30036), Dorothy McRae (30048), Diane White (PSAC rep), Stephanie Erb (30048)

By phone: Meaghan Burford (30907), Danielle Possiant (30907)



Shirley Stolk (30028), Deb Kosteniuk, Kathy Dorchak (30027)


Meeting called to order at 5:47 pm

  • Adoption of Agenda
    • Approved by consensus
  • Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
    • Previously approved via email
  • Financial Report – Stephanie Erb provided the documents:
    • Bank balance as of Oct 1 – Dec 31: $1772.59
    • Annual financial statement
    • Treasurers report was accepted by consensus
  • Krysty Munns asked to cover two events:
  • Write for Rights expense for Dec 2018 ($50.35). Kristy Slattery seconded and approved by consensus; and
  • Women’s March supplies ($27.06).Kristy Slattery seconded and approved by consensus
  • Stephanie will add $50 in the budget as a regular line item for the Write for Rights event.
  • Next meeting proposed for March 4, 7 pm to plan for events (double up with area council meeting)


Danielle Possiant will look into doing events for Women’s day this year in Medicine Hat

  • Ask Deb about political actions with women’s events
  • Krysty Munns is going to the Alberta Federation of Labour meeting – would like to host in conjunction with area council a talk on Energy transformation
  • Brainstorm additional items for the budget.Stephanie will send a tentative budget via email.
  • Kristy Slattery motion to have tonight’s dinner covered. Krysty Munns seconded and approved by consensus.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:26 for dinner.