Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (January 16, 2020)

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee
January 16, 2020 @ 7:30pm
Meeting Minutes

Stephanie Erb (30048), Sherry Hunt (30048), Karen Mah (30048), Krysty Thomas (30048), Tammy Carter(RVP Atlantic) Dorothy McRae (Agriculture RVP), Diane White (PSAC rep)

Attendance by phone:
Kristy Slattery (30036)

Danielle Poissant (30907)

Meeting was called to order at 7:36 pm

  1. Review Previous Meetings minutes
    • K Thomas made a motion to pass the minutes; S Erb seconded.
    • S Erb made a motion to write a cheque in the amount of $150 for faceless dolls expenses (Sisters in Spirit event) to Amnesty International. K Thomas seconded.
  2. Financial report
    • print copies were distributed by S Erb. There was a closing balance of $3179.19 on Jan 15/20.
    • D McRae raised the question of no receipts for ticket sales. S Hunt mentioned scanning tickets in the future. K Thomas explained that cash tickets were done to save on commission costs (e.g. if Eventbrite was used).
    • S Erb made the motion to approve the financial statement with correction to the date in the title. K Thomas seconded. Consensus to pass
  3. Recap of the Commemorative brunch
    • K Thomas – we oversold tickets (55 tickets were sold for 50 people in the room). A lot of connections were made among the groups attending (e.g. Sage clan with the Sexual assault centre). There was a good informal discussion.
    • S Hunt – suggested Inviting Bill (the speaker) when presenting the cheque.
    • K Thomas made a motion to round the donation amount to $1900 for Harbour House. D McRae seconded. Passed by consensus. K Thomas suggested giving Bill a thank you note as he did not receive an honorarium.
    • S Erb will take the extra amount out of the line item for Healing and Reconciliation – Medicine Hat. S Erb will email Marianne about the changes.
  4. PSAC Triennial Attendee vote
    • S Hunt announced interest in attending. D White called for nominations: K Slattery nominated S Hunt to go, K Thomas seconded. There were no other interested candidates. S Hunt accepted.
  5. AGM planning – everyone to weigh in on the Doodle poll for the meeting date. Will discuss budget and planning. A question was raised about discussing resolutions – S Hunt replied that we don’t need to discuss them at the meeting. S Hunt – will write a resolution that every woman at the convention be allowed to vote and discussion can occur over email.
    • K Slattery – acknowledged the hard work the committee has done this year
    • K Thomas – may want to think for something at AGM to do for International Women’s day
    • S Erb – clarified the process for writing vouchers for the dinner meeting. She will continue as she did in the past
    • D McRae – suggested that if not meeting before Mar 8, we should think of something for International Women’s Day
    • Women’s day event discussion – general consensus to focus on yoga or meditation as a community event. S Hunt will speak with D Poissant to see what she wants to do in Medicine Hat.
    • D White – the only education offering in the regions is strike training on Feb 1 in Lethbridge. Discussed initiative on obtaining membership information and mentioned that local 30048 was selected first as they were already doing a membership drive. The office is purchasing hot sticks so members can access the internet at work for this purpose. Phase 1 completion date is Feb 15. This will be D White’s final meeting. Dolly will be taking over in Mar. Lindsay Sparks will be starting Mar 1 in the Calgary office.
    • K Mah – provided advance notice that she will be stepping down as secretary at the AGM but will still support and participate in events.
    • S Hunt – created a calendar for the committee to help plan events. The year was divided into seasons to focus on a particular issue (e.g. fall is domestic violence, spring is International Women’s Day and pay equity, and summer is child care. Groups can focus on an issue and start planning.
    • K Slattery – made a motion that the Committee cover the O-Sho dinner. D McRae seconded.

D. McRae motioned to adjourn the meeting and S Erb seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 pm