Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee AGM Meeting Minutes (March 10, 2020)

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee

AGM March 10, 2020 @ 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes


Stephanie Erb (30048), Sherry Hunt (30048), Karen Mah (30048), Krysty Thomas (30048), Diane White (PSAC rep)

Attendance by phone:

Kristy Slattery (30036), Danielle Poissant (30907), Tania Fikus (30859)

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm

1. Review Previous Meetings minutes

* Passed by consensus.

2. Financial review

* S Erb is auditing the books tomorrow and plans to ship them off to Deb tomorrow night

* For this Women’s Day, we can technically only spend $650. The Women’s Day event for Medicine Hat was deferred to next year.

* There was a closing balance of $3165.19 on Feb 29/20, however the actual balance is $1265.19.  S Erb and S Hunt will be bringing the $2000 cheque for Harbour House this week.  (raised at the Dec 7 commemorative brunch).  The rest of the balance can be used for the Women’s day event this month.  There were a few outstanding cheques to write tonight.

3. Budget Review/Plan for 2020

* Meeting expenses will be changed to include just the line items: meeting refreshments and the room rental fee.

* Will remove the Women’s March supply line item $300

* Will remove the postage for Human’s Rights – already covered by Area Council and Agriculture local.

* U of L menstruation drive line item will be renamed as donation for feminine supplies.

* S Erb made the motion to approve the budget request with amendments.  D Possiant seconded.  Passed by consensus.

4. Meeting planning for the year.

* There has already been two meetings.  Next two meetings will be at 6pm on Oct 6 and 6pm on Nov 24 at the London Drugs community room

* At the end of the meeting, K Thomas added a Women’s Conference debriefing meeting (on May 1 at 6pm).

5. Pay Equity Day event

* the LWRC committee was supportive of doing a pay equity event.  S Hunt and K Thomas will work on a proposal.

* D. Poissant raised the question: Did employers do anything to recognize Women’s Day in your Centre. The answer was a resounding no.

6. Women’s Day Event – Lethbridge

* S Hunt – We have permission from the YWCA to do an event, which can include up to 60 members. There will be a meditation, bath oils and makeup and manicures station.  The plan is to have the event later in the month.

7. Team building options

* S Hunt – Suggested a self-defense course at the O2 Training Centre, for 20 people at $20 each.  This program was highly recommended. Will add as a budget line item.


* T Fikus – attended a meeting in Edmonton that was quite interesting

* D Poissant – busy in Medicine Hat regarding strike vote preparation.

* K Thomas – heading to Ottawa to try to pass resolutions

* D White – this will be her last women’s meeting in Lethbridge.  Dolly will be taking over.  D White will be starting in the Regina office as regional representative indeterminately in April. Will hold a final strike preparation training course on Mar 30.

* S Hunt – asked to co-facilitate some of the training sessions at the National Women’s Council with RO Carm Chan.

D White handled voting for all positions:

* Chair: K Slattery defined what the chair does. K Slattery nominated S Hunt. K Thomas seconded. S Hunt accepted the nomination and was acclaimed

* VP: S Hunt defined what the VP does.  S Hunt nominated D Poissant, K Thomas seconded.  D Poissant accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.

* Secretary: K Mah explained what the secretary does. S Erb nominated K Mah and S Hunt seconded.  K Mah accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.

* Treasurer: S Erb explained what the treasurer does. S Hunt nominated S Erb, D Poissant seconded. S Erb accepted the nomination and was acclaimed.

* All four executives then swore the oath.

S Erb motioned to adjourn the meeting and K Thomas seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 pm.