Lethbridge & District Area Council Meeting, Mon. Feb 15th, 2018

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lethbridge and District Area Council
General Meeting

February 15, 2018
In attendance: Krysty Munns (30048), President; Kristy Slattery (30036), Vice-President; David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer), Stephanie Erb (30048), John Gray (30048), Ray Wilson (30048)
1. Call to Order 7:30

2. Approval of the Agenda:

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda
a. Motion to accept the previous minutes
i. M/S Sister Munns/Sister Slattery
ii. Carried

4. Reports:
a. Treasurer Report
i. $3,200.70 as of February 15, 2018
1. Motion to accept report
a. M/S Brother Pearson/Brother Wilson
b. Carried

5. Previous business:

6. New business:
a. Discussion of 2018 Area Council events
i. Dragon Boat – $2000
ii. Pride – $500
1. Have a greater present beside the parade
iii. Labour Day Medicine Hat – $300
iv. Labour Day Lethbridge – $300
v. Young Chef Program – $980
vi. Food Bank Garden – $300
vii. Any other project to brought to the next planning session
1. All projects have a budget for next planning session
b. Day of Action – Phoenix – February 28, 2018
i. Had a long discussion
1. Get members to sign the petition on the 28th
2. Work on a local social media
3. Letters to the Editor
4. Communicate with members
c. Sister Munns was selected to be a member on the Constitution Committee for the 2018 PSAC Triennial

7. Actions:
a. Budget ideas/projects/events
i. Submit the details for next meeting

8. Elections:

9. Next meeting date, time and location:
a. March 6, 2018 6:30pm London Drugs Community Room

10. Agenda for next meeting:
a. Budget

11. Adjournment
a. M/S Brother Wilson/Sister Slattery
i. Carried
b. 8:45pm