Lethbridge & District AC Mtg Minutes – Feb 13 2015

In attendance: 

Greg Krokosh (30027), President
Sherry Hunt (30048), Vice-President
David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer
Christine Krokosh (30027)
Ray Wilson (30048)
Stephanie Erb (30048)
Maria Fitzpatrick (70041)
Diane White (30027)
Lyn Paterson (30048)
Krysty Munns (30048)
Shirely Stolk (30048)
Amanda Herman (30858)
Dorothy McRae (30048)



1. Call to Order: 5:20pm

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda   

M/S Sister Fitzpatrick/Brother Wilson

4. Reports:

Treasury Report: $573.88
M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Paterson
Carried with corrections – error in allocating expenses

5. Previous business:


6. Budget

Discussion of and proposal of the budget was held and consensus on the budget was reach and the updated budget will be presented at next meeting

7. New business:

Time of LAC 2015 activities was developed and members selected their activities

8. Actions:

The selected activities will have their regional action plan and budget proposals completed for next meeting as the deadline to have the LAC proposal the LAC PRC Rep by March 15, 2015

      Some of the activities:

                  Pension for all town hall – Brother Pearson and Sister Erb and Hunt

                  All federal candidate forum – Brother Pearson and Sister Erb and Hunt

                  Dragon boat – Sister  Munns and McRae

                  Change the vote (youth vote) – Sister Munns

                  Aboriginal day – Brother Wilson

                  Whoop-up Days float – Sister Paterson

                  Coaldale Demolition Derby – Sister McRae

                  Budget Watch – Sister Hunt

                  Days of Honoring – Brother Wilson

                  Other parades – Sisters Hunt and Paterson

9. Elections:


10. Next meeting date, time and location:

March 4, 2015 Labour Hall at 6:00pm

11. Agenda for next meeting:

Discussions of proposals

12. Adjournment 8:00pm