Lethbridge Area Council Meeting Minutes (September 7, 2022)

Lethbridge and District Area Council
General Meeting
September 7, 2022
Via Zoom
In attendance: Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Sherry Hunt (30048); Danielle Poissant, Southern Alberta Geographical Rep; Adesoji Michael Fayemiwo (30048)

Guests: Jacqueline Maurice, PSAC Regional Representative

  1. Call to Order: 6:02pm
  2. Approval of the Agenda:
    a. Move to accept the minutes as presented
    M/S Sister Hunt/Sister Poissant- Carried
  3. Review and approval of the previous meetingā€™s agenda
    a. Move to accept the minutes as presented
  4. Reports:
    a. Treasurer Report
    Bank Balance as of September 7, 2022 $ $4,506.18
    Move to accept the Treasurer Report
    M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Hunt ā€“ carried
  5. Previous business:
    The budget was presented and discussed
    Move to approve the budget
    M/S Sister Hunt/Sister Poissant – Carried
  6. New business:
    a. Allocation from Prairie Region
    Received $4400 as LAC allocation
    b. Labour Day Recap
    Medicine Hat – Up to $300 to cover Labour Day Supplies ā€“ information posters as per allocation
    Lethbridge Labour Day – Motion Area Council to cover the permit ($170) as there was no cotton candy machine.
    M/S Sister Hunt/Sister Poissant ā€“ carried
    c. Food Bank Garden Update – Still harvesting, the crop is a little light, spring was too cold for the warm season crops and they are delayed.
    d. Fall Actions
    Sage Clan Support – Repurpose the funding. Abby Morning Bull in conservation with Sister Thomas suggested helping with the Napi Back to School Backpack program. Need for both shoes and school supplies
    Donate $750 to Napi Friendship Association for shoes
    Purchase $750 of school supplies and backpacks for the Nape Back to School Backpack program – Ask the REVP (Sister Hladun) about funding Sage Clan

ii. Soup Kitchen Volunteer Day and Food Donation
Discussion of the soup kitchen and food donation
Remind that the Labour Council has a volunteer day which we can join.

Iii. Fourth meeting to be held in Medicine Hat?
Was decided try for the new year (2023)

iv. PRC meeting – In person September 15 to the 17th
v. Regional Office Update – There is a new education schedule. Going back to the office
e. Round Table
Brother Fayemiwo elected as the Chair for the Calgary Human Rights Committee.
Sister Hunt the bargaining teams are working towards a good contract and members need to be engage.
Brother Pearson asked about Regional Mobilization committees – Not yet but the education schedule and a bargaining course and could have lunch and learns
Sister Thomas had a meeting is Rachael Thomas MP for Lethbridge about working from home and agree in principle.

  1. Actions:
  2. Elections:
  3. Next meeting date, time and location: TBA
  4. Agenda for next meeting:
  5. Adjournment: 7:15pm