Lethbridge Area Council Meeting Minutes (February 8, 2021)

General Meeting

February 8, 2021 Via Zoom

In attendance:  Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Ray Wilson (30048), Vice-President, David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); Sherry Hunt (30048)



  1. Call to Order  
    1. 6:05
  • Approval of the Agenda:
    • The minutes were review 
    • Moved/Second to accept the minutes – Sister Hunt/Brother Wilson
      • Carried
  • Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda 
    • Motion to accept the previous minutes
      • M/S Sister Hunt/Brother Wilson
      • Carried
  • Reports:  
    • Treasurer Report 
      • $1,954.52 as of Feb 9, 2021
      • Motion to accept report 
        • M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Hunt
        • Carried
  • Previous business
    • Sage Clan Action
      • Discussion of our support of the Sage Clan
        • Possible social justice funding
  • Resilient YQL Art Project
    • Put in an off-cycle request of funding of $1500
  • New business:  
    • 2021 Budget Preparation
      • A discussion of budget
      • See attachment 
  • AFL Community Action Team Valentine Action
    • Local action for Standup to Kenney campaign 
      • February 12, 4:30 to 5:30pm drop your ‘Alberta Love: Valentines for Shannon Phillips’ at Shannon Phillips’s office
      • February 13, 1 to 3pm ‘Have a Heart Nathan and the UCP’ at Nathan Neudorf’s office
  • Delegate to Prairies Regional Triennial
    • The current delegate is unable to attend as our delegate
      • Brother Wilson is the delegate 
  • Actions:
  • Elections:
  • Next meeting date, time and location:  
    • March 9, 2021 at 6pm via Zoom
  1. Agenda for next meeting:  
  1. Adjournment
    1. 7pm

Lethbridge and District Area Council 2021 Budget Requests


Municipal Election Planning (October 2021)

  • Area Council to partake in conversations to help get progressive, labour friendly candidates elected. 
  • Funding required for endorsement cards to be delivered to members within Lethbridge o $500 printing cost a union printer (will double check to Marianne to see if this comes from different budget) 
  • Funding required to support treats for volunteers (canvassers, phone banks, pulling the vote) o $200 to cover coffee and refreshment during volunteer events


  • Support AFL Community Action teams within the constituencies of Lethbridge-WEST and Lethbridge-EAST
  • Funds required to provide supplies to make posters, protest signs, coffee and refreshments, Covid

PPE o $200 to cover materials and supplies associated with rallies and events


  • Federal election planning (funds to come from national pot of money)
  • Awareness campaigns (get out the vote students, indigenous)
  • Lobby MP Harder on budget, pharmacare, national childcare program, bargaining 

End Privatization: Fix long-term care: Make Revera public (Medicine Hat)

  • Awareness campaign
  • Petition/lobby

Community Outreach: homelessness/harm reduction

  • Support Sage Clan o Community patrols
    • Winter essentials call out (socks, gloves, jackets, hand and toe warmers)
      • $1500 proposal to provide warm clothing for vulnerable members of our community
    • toiletries call out (mens/womens)
      • $1500 
  • YQL Resilient Art Project o $1500 proposal to provide art supplies enabling meaningful daily activity to vulnerable members of our community to help promote autonomy 

Community Outreach: Community Building

  • Support foodbank  o Tomato chefs project

                                        §    $300 

  • Foodbank garden
    • Selling seed?
    • $300
  • Support Soup Kitchen o Volunteer our time
    • Provided food for Sunday Brunch twice per year
      • $500 ($250 each event to help provide healthy proteins and fresh fruit for Sunday Brunch)

Community Outreach: Reconciliation

  • Support Sweet grass Youth Alliance Youth Conference
  • Support National Indigenous Peoples Day Events within Lethbridge  

Community Outreach: PSAC Awareness

  • Dragon boat team o $2500 event (promotes PSAC team building across component helps to recruit community members, and makes the Lethbridge community aware of PSAC) 
  • Medicine Hat Canada Celebrations
  • Labour Day BBQ o $300 to cover cost of cotton candy and PSAC table
  • Pride Parades o $500 for parade entry and float decoration
  • Whoop Up Days Parade

Community Outreach: Supporting Quality Accessible Childcare

–           Support AFL Childcare BBQ o $300 to increase amount of food offered allowing for more community participation

Community Outreach: Human Rights Day

–           Support Amnesty international Write for Write Events o $100 to cover cost of silent auction items that help support Amnesty international human rights activism