Lethbridge And District Area Council Meeting Minutes – Jan 27, 2020

Lethbridge Area Council: Meeting (Jan. 27, 2020) Minutes – Approved

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Lethbridge and District Area Council

General Meeting

Jan 27, 2020

In attendance:  Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Ray Wilson (30048), Vice-President, David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); Karen Mah (30048); Danielle Poissant (30907), Brigitte Renaud (30048), Sherry Hunt (30048)




Diane White, PSAC Regional Representative


  1. Call to Order

6:10pm at London Drugs Community Room


  1. Approval of the Agenda:
    1. By consensus


  1. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda   
    1. Motion to accept the previous minutes with corrections
      1. M/S Sister Poissant/Sister Hunt
      2. Carried


  1. Reports:
    1. Treasurer Report 
      1. $2965.12 as of Jan 27, 2019
        1. Motion to accept report
          1. M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Hunt
          2. Carried


  1. Previous business:
    1. None


  1. New business:
    1. Discussion of Resolutions for Prairie Regional Triennial Convention
      1. Resolution to reduce the size of PRC be removing Area Council Representatives
        1. M/S Sister Hunt/Brother Wilson
          1. a debate of the merits of the resolution was held
          2. by consensus the resolution was edited to remove redundancy in the wording (appendix 1)
          3. Carried with one against 
      2. A discussion about a resolution to improve the budgeting process for the Area Councils and Regional Committees was held
        1. It was decided to use to current budget system and forward budget for two years on activities which are ongoing and add budget items that will occur in year two before the allocation of funds.


  1. 2020 Budget
    1. A discussion was held on the budget
      1. Tentative budget was created


  1. Member engagement
    1. It discussed to have one of the Lethbridge and District Area Council meeting in Medicine Hat, to be added to the 2020 budget


  1. Education
    1. The regional office is having strike training for local officers and stewards in Lethbridge on Feb 1, 2020
    2. The regional office is having strike training for members in Lethbridge on late February and Early March


  1. Actions:
    1. For next meeting continue with the budget discussion


  1. Elections:


  1. Next meeting date, time and location:
    1. February 17, 2020, 6pm London Drugs Community Room


  1.  Agenda for next meeting:
    1. Main items
      1. Review and Approval of the 2020 Budget Requests
      2. Election of Lethbridge Area Council PRC REP (3-year term) * + 2 Alternates
      3. Election of Lethbridge Area Council Delegate to Convention (if needed) * + 2 Alternates


  1.  Adjournment
    1. 7:45pm


Appendix 1:

Structure Change – Removing Area Council Representatives and combining duties with Geographical Representatives


Lethbridge and District Area Council


WHEREAS the PSAC Constitution Section 16, Sub-Section (6)(b) states: “Up to twenty (20) members of their respective Regional Councils shall be delegates”;


WHEREAS currently the Prairie Region Council has twenty-three (23) members plus the REVP


WHEREAS the roles of the Area Council and Geographical Representatives overlap with unclear distinctions.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT Section 5(l) and Section 6 Sub-Section (10) be stricken, and Section 6 Sub-section (4);(c),(d), and (f) be amended as follows:  


(c) communicate with Locals/Branches and Area Council(s);  in their geographic areas;


(d) attend PRC meetings and shall be the spokesperson for members in the geographic

area and Area council(s) under their jurisdiction;


(f) submit a written report of their activities and those of the Area Council(s) they represent; to each regular meeting of the PRC and the Prairie Region Triennial Convention.