Lethbridge Area Council AG Meeting (March 9, 2021)

In attendance: Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Ray Wilson (30048), Vice-President,
David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); Sherry Hunt (30048);
Adesoji Michael Fayemiwo (30048)
Guests: Lindsey Sparks, PSAC Regional Representative

  1. Call to Order:
    a. 6:05pm
  2. Approval of the Agenda:
    a. By consensus
  3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes:
    a. By consensus
  4. Reports:
    a. Treasurer Report
    i. $1952.02 as of March 9, 2021
    ii. Report accepted by consensus
  5. Previous business:
  6. New business:
    a. Report from the PRC
    i. Phoenix Damages
  7. CRA rule taxable
  8. Taking to tax court
    ii. Treasury Board Bargaining
    Annual General Meeting
    March 9, 2021
    Via Zoom
  9. Fist time on line
    a. Work Force Adjustment improvements
    i. May be use after Covid
  10. Post Bargaining Convention Mobilization
    a. Members are isolated this round
    b. Lindsey Sparks Update
    i. Remind member that February was Black History Month
    ii. 2021 Prairie Region Convention
  11. Virtually June 24-27, 2021.
  12. Deadline for resolutions
    a. March 31, 2021
  13. Deadline for delegate and observer registration
    a. March 31, 2021
  14. Deadline for Prairie Voice Award Nominations
    a. May 21, 2021
    iii. 2023 Prairie Region Convention
  15. May 31 to Jun 4 in Regina
    c. Round Table
    i. Discussion of Member Engagement in campaigns
  16. Affordable, accessible child care
  17. Safe drinking water in First Nations communities
    ii. Discussion of general Member Engagement
  18. Era of working remotely
  19. Actions:
  20. Elections:
    a. President
    i. Sister Thomas
  21. Nominated/Seconded Sister Hunt/Brother Fayemiwo
  22. Acclaimed
    b. Vice President
    i. Brother Wilson
  23. Nominated/Seconded Sister Thomas/Sister Hunt
  24. Acclaimed
    c. Secretary/Treasurer
    i. Brother Pearson
  25. Nominated/Seconded Brother Wilson/Sister Hunt
  26. Acclaimed
  27. Next meeting date, time and location:
    a. TBD
  28. Agenda for next meeting:
    a. TBD
  29. Adjournment:
    a. 6:50pm