Lethbridge and District Area Council A.G.M. Minutes – Oct 3rd, 2018


Public Service Alliance of Canada

Lethbridge and District Area Council

Annual General Meeting

Oct 3, 2018

In attendance: Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Kristy Slattery (30036), Vice-President; David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); John Gray (30048); Adesoji Fayemiwo (30048); Ray Wilson (30048); Kathy Dorchuk (30027)



Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Representative

1. Call to Order

6:00pm at London Drugs Community Room

2. Approval of the Agenda:

 a. By consensus

3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s agenda

 a. Motion to accept the previous minutes

  i. Minutes were read from the recorders notes due to technical difficulties in preparing the minutes.

4. Reports:

 a. Treasurer Report

   i. $2962.18 as of October 3, 2018

      1. Motion to accept report

        a. Report were read from the bank statement due to technical difficulties in preparing the minutes.

           b. M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Thomas

5. Previous business:

  a. Discussion of 2018 Area Council events

   i. Burnt by Phoenix Dragon-boat Team

    1. Was a success

     ii. Pride Parade

     1. On same weekend as the dragon boat

      2. Several members of the team marched in the parade

  iii. Whoop-up Days

    1. Local Labour Council placed third in Comic & Novelty category

     2. Had two members of the Council dressed as Ghost Busters

iv. The MP, Racheal Harder, was lobby on June 8th

v. Lethbridge Labour Council Labour Day Picnic

           1. Contributed to the picnic by providing and manning

               a. Medicine Hat – bouncy castle

                 b. Lethbridge – cotton candy

6. New business:

a. Sister Ablitt

              i. Spoke about the region

                   1. Have videos for locals to present

                    2. Can go to workplace as talk to members about Here for Canada campaign.

                                  a. i.e. lunch and learns

                   3. Have a term Regional Rep

                   4. Education

                       a. Remind member of the education which PSAC provides

b. Purchase Rubbermaid containers for storage PSAC material

        i. M/S Sister Thomas/Brother Gray

               1. Carried

7. Actions:

a. Burnt by Phoenix

    i. Rally on November 14, 2018 in front of the MP office at Noon

       1. Will be inviting Sister Hladun to attend

               2. Will notify the local media

                      3. Will purchase pizza for the event

8. Elections:

a. President

                i. Sister Thomas

                      1. Nominated/Seconded Brother Pearson/Sister Dorchak

                       2. Acclaimed

b. Vice President

                 i. Sister Slattery

                      1. Nominated/Seconded Sister Thomas/Brother Gray

                      2. Acclaimed

c. Secretary/Treasurer

               i. Brother Pearson

                      1. Nominated/Seconded Sister Thomas/Sister Slattery

                       2. Acclaimed

9. Next meeting date, time and location:

To be announced

10. Agenda for next meeting:

To be announced

11. Adjournment

a. 7:00pm